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The Urban Wayfarer was founded with a desire to make the lives of travelers easier. We want to ensure that travelers have a resource that helps to make all of your travels go according to plan.

We’re passionate about travel and figuring out ways to make your travels easier.

At the Urban Wayfarer, you will find an honest resource that will inform you and inspire you to travel more without any headaches!

It seems like many have vacations or destinations on their bucket list. And yet.. how often do we go on the trips we so desire?

And a better question still is: how often do our trips go according to plan and are better than we’ve envisioned?

The Urban Wayfarer is here to help you make your travel dreams a reality.





You can expect to get the inside scoop on the best travel products that to make your adventures easier. We put all of our hours of experience and research into our travel reviews.

That said, we’re not perfect! If you don’t see something on our website that you need or don’t agree with, please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you : )

Look to our site for reviews, articles, travel guides, and more.


My hope for the Urban Wayfarer is that it will serve as a place where adventure, business, and casual travelers can go to find the truth about all things travel related!

My relationship with travel has evolved over the years. This relationship began with flying to and from Europe at an early age to leisure travel to business-leisure (b-leisure travel as I like to call it).

Admittedly, in the past, I used to hold the mentality that the less you spend on travel, the better. And oh boy did that lead to a lot of unnecessary headaches. My goal is to help you to skip over travel hang ups and just enjoy seeing the world!


As a dual citizen of France and the United States, I grew up traveling a lot. For my family, this meant that we had to find the most efficient and cost effective ways of crossing the Atlantic! So for me, this meant that  I had to become the most efficient and strategic packer ever.

At the time I was able to fit about a month’s worth of outfits into my carry on and all of my important travel items in my personal item.

Would I recommend doing this today? No, not really. This was at a time when luggage tech had yet to evolve. Luggage trackers did not exist and I was too young to realize that investing in quality luggage could make my life so much easier.

So here at the UW I will share with you all of my tips for travel and all of the best destinations that I have found… and best products on the market.

I have also recruited three of my frequent-flier friends help write articles and share their experiences! We all hope that we can provide the resource that we set out to create for you.


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We are a team of four friends who’ve traveled the world and want to share our tips and experiences with readers. Traveling can seem like a big deal until you crack the code, so we are excited to share and grow!

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