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 hen it comes to travel accessories, there are so many options! Some brands look great, but aren’t. Other brands look iffy, but are awesome. So how do you know what makes up a great luggage brand? 

That’s the question we asked ourselves to come up with the Top 4 qualities of Great Luggage Brands. 

All if not most of the top luggage brands included in our round up are examples of what you should look for in the best luggage.

These Top 4 Qualtities of Great Luggage Brands criticial things to look for. Not the only things to consider but the most important general categories.  

We’ve created this guide to help you in case you are looking at a brand that’s not included on our list.

As with all of the research on the Urban Wayfarer, we’ve put in hours of work to bring you the most honest and clear content that we can. However, we know that there’s always room to grow.  And this is why we’ve decided to show you exactly how we picked the Top Luggage Brands. 

Let us know what you think and if you have any questions!

The top 4 KEY Elements to look for in the Top Luggage Brands
When it comes to the top luggage brands, you should look for 4 important elements.

1. Function and Form

2. Warranty

3. Luggage materials 

4. Value vs. Price

Qualities of a Great brand

“Before Anything Else, Preparation is the Key to Success”

– Alexander Graham Bell

These 4 criteria will guide you through finding the right luggage brand for you.

We put the brand’s function and from at the top of this list.

This is the #1 criteria because all of the other elements are meaningless if your bag doesn’t serve your needs.

However, that is not to say that the other 3 elements can be over looked. In fact each element is important in its own right.

Most people skip researching what the best luggage is for them unless they’re traveling to a specialty destination. We get it, its just luggage, right? Wrong. Your luggage matters! 

What we get is that you don’t have the time to research all of the top luggage brands and get to know them. 

Let us help you out!

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When it comes to research, I’m a little nutty. So the good news is that we’ve got it all of this research on the best luggage brands right here for you check out!  

1. Function Trumps Form
Tumi Alpha On Amazon It’s hard to go wrong with Tumi’s excellent function and Form!
First, consider how you travel most when looking at the luggage brands. With travel bags, function should always trump form unless you only want to make a style statement! We will have more on this topic later, but for now, consider what you value the most when you travel. Are you a lightweight traveler? Rough with your luggage? A tech enthusiast?  An adventure traveler? 

Up next we have the luggage warranty. A brand’s warranty can be a make or break moment when shopping.  You never know how well a bag will hold up until you test it out for yourself.  Even the best brands in the world occasionally have a defective product.

The luggage warranty is your insurance against defects and travel oopsies!

2. Mind that Warranty!
Briggs and Riley Base Line on Amazon Briggs has the excellent ” Simple as that ” Warranty
3. Material Matters
Pelican BA22 on Amazon Pelican is the gold standard for durable and well constructed luggage.

What your luggage is made out of is totally underrated! The most stylish, functional and well-insured bag can be a travel disaster. Even the best warranties cannot make up for iffy bag materials. Also what you bag is made of is important because influences how well suited it is for your adventures. You should look for suitcases made of different things depending on how you travel and to where.

Value vs. Price is the last on our list of criteria for the top luggage brands. We’ve put this last on our list because if you are only looking at this metric, you can be lead you astray.  Its hard to know the value of a product without testing the product or knowing the brand.  And then, if you look only at price, you can end up buying a disappointing bag. ( regardless of how much you spend). 
4. Value vs. Price
Delsey Chatelet on Amazon Delsey luggage sits and a mid price point and offers excellent bang for your buck!
Find the Right Brand For You:

In our top luggage brands list and guide, you will find a variety of brands. We recommend taking a look at what brand appeals to you and then checking out the specifics.

“Consider where and how you travel followed by luggage construction and warranty..”
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