BRIGGS and RILEY Best in the Business: Luggage Review

Briggs and Riley Luggage Review
Briggs and Riley


hen looking for luggage, you might have heard of a little brand called Briggs and Riley. Well okay, they’re not so much a little brand as a major player in the luggage market. Briggs and Riley’s tagline ” Engineered for Reality Guaranteed for Life” totally fits the bill.

This premiere luggage brand takes quality luggage seriously and delivers on its promises.

So, we are happy to introduce you to the Briggs and Riley Brand as a part of our Top 10 Luggage brands to Know series!

Meet Briggs and Riley:

This brand’s low-profile style makes it perfect for frequent fliers and business travelers.

Briggs and Riley is known for innovation and lives up to its reputation. This company listens to its customers and innovates to met their needs! Talk about customer service!

Designed with a simple philosophy that your luggage should last a lifetime we would be crazy not to introduce our readers to Briggs and Riley. 

Briggs and Riley is the Professional traveler’s Dream

With Briggs and Riley, you are certain to have a streamlined bag without the extra frills. This brand’s signature is its low profile appearance combined with its light and durable construction.

This brand really understands that having a well-designed case can make the difference between bumpy and smooth saling travel.

Company History :

Who Owns Briggs and Riley? 

Briggs and Riley started as a family owned company, and to this day the core value that customers are family is clear.

When you buy these bags, you can be sure that the company will look out for you.

With the lifetime guarantee, if your bag is ever damaged or brokenBriggs and Riley will repair your bag free of charge.

Currently, CEO Richard Krulik is continuing the family business as the founders planned under the subsidiary guidance of US luggage LLC.

This larger parent company has quite the history, they were actually the first to introduce wheeled luggage in 1970!

Briggs and Riley


Known for innovation, Briggs and Riley holds many patents including:

  • the outsider handle design
  • Specialty flat packing area
  • Nxpandable system
  • Speedthru laptop bags
  • CX expansion compression design
  • And Many More!

How and where Briggs and Riley bags Made?

To ensure quality and support the Lifetime guarantee, Briggs and Riley makes its products in the US. The company owns research and development offices in New York and manufacturing facilities across the country.

Simple as that Warrantee:

Briggs has one of the best warrantees on the market so it is good idea to get acquainted with the gold standard.

This company offers its customers a lifetime guarantee that states that if your Briggs and Riley bag is ever broken or damaged, even by an airline, it will be repaired for free. 

Briggs and Riley takes its customers seriously and views their warranty as a sign of their integrity.

Briggs and Riley

Key Features: 

Before we delve deeper into Briggs and Riley collections, look below in the tabbed content for common qualities cross this brand’s product lines!

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Briggs and Riley, unlike most other companies, design their luggage handles to be on the outside of their bags. The outsider handles allow for a completely flat interior packing surface.

Briggs and Riley thinks about all of the elements of your travel experience, and the Smart link strap and Interlocking handle are examples of this.

Both of these features allow your smaller B&R bags to be seamlessly attached to your larger upright bags.

Briggs’ spinner cases feature two sets of double swivel wheels for seamless 360 rotation and quest rolling
Using RFID blocking technology, Briggs helps you protect your personal information from digital theives.
Self healing zippers are those which continue to zip and close when zipper teeth are missing or damaged. As the YKK zipper locks, it also blocks out water and moisture. This feature is important for all-weather travel.
Product Collections:
  • Baseline
  • Kinzie Street
  • TORQ
  • Sympatico
  • Transcend
  • BRX
  • @ Work
  • Verb
Main Product Categories:
  • Carry-on
  • Checked
  • Toiletry Bags
  • Accessories
  • Business bags



Conservative and casual, the baseline feaures the CX technology, outsider handle and built-in garment bag to ensure you have the maximum packing space.

The 2520SD ballistic nylon makes these cases, abrasion resistant, self-healing and water repellent.

The baseline offers minimal styling with ample features to keep travelers streamlined and organized.

This means that you will have everything that you need for travel with none of the excess.

Baseline Features

  • CX technology
  • Outsider handle
  • Built-in suiter garment bag
  • Available in Black and Olive
  • Small, Medium, Large, international Carry- on Spinners
  • Checked and Carry on Garment bags
  • Wheeled and Carryon duffle bags
  • Tote
  • Rolling Cabin Bag
  • Wide body Carry-on Spinner
  • Domestic carry-on
  • Medium, Large, XL Expandable spinner
  • Framed Weekender
  • Medium Duffle Wardrobe Spinner
  • Commuter spinner
  • Carry-on garment Bag
  • Carry-on Wheeled garment bag
  • Carry-on, Medium, and International carry-on Upright Spinner
  • Duffles ( wheeled and un wheeled )

THE BOTTOM LINE: What Baseline Buyers are saying:


  • Durable
  • Easy to pack
  • Awesome expansion system and roomy case
  • Many Useful features
  • Suiter is roomy and prevents wrinkles


  • Flat handles on bottom and side are sometimes hard to grab
  • Can be hard to wheel around when packed to capacity
  • Some models tip over and must be packed strategically
  • Wheels seem less sturdy than Transcend model

Buyers rave about this product line. They love that it is extremely functional, but not flashy. With quality materials and a conservative design, the Baseline cases offer astreamlined look with ample features.

The Who is the Baseline For?

“Designed for the road warrior who craves high performance.”

– Briggs & Riley

Kenzie Street


Kinzie street is B&R’s more stylized group of luggage pieces. 

Minimal, elegant and sophisticated, these urban bags are sleek and yet durable.

Made in an understated blue and rich grey this collection offers bags that are ideal for the modern traveler with a minimalistic and modern tech look.

Although the Kenzie Street doesn’t offer large luggage sizes, it offers ample options for carry-on luggage.

Click to view Kenzie Street models on Amazon 

Kenzie Street Features

  • Removable, multi purpose garment panel
  • Double spinner wheels for increased maneuverability
  • Hidden RFID blocking pocket in Travel Accessories
  • Slip though back strap to secure additional bags on Wheeled upright

  • International carry on spinner

  • International carry-on Spinner
  • Medium and expandable Backpack
  • Simple Duffle
  • Tote
  • messenger
  • Cabin Bag

THE BOTTOM LINE: What Kenzie Street Buyers are saying:


  • Exterior extension bar/handle provides substantial additional space
  • Lightweight
  • Easy mobility due to extra wheels
  • Excellent organization
  • Sturdy handle and zippers


  • No cons to mention, as described!

Buyers love the modern look of Kenzie street and its sleek material.

Many buyers are simply looking for a backpack or small spinner luggage that will be versatile for them in airport travel.

This is just what this style can deliver!

In terms of cons, buyers have nothing negative to say about this product line. How cool is that? It rarely happens.

Briggs and Riley Zenzie Street

The Who is the Kenzie Street For?

This luggage is perfect for young business professionals and youthful travelers.

And for individuals who have had surgery or have back problems that need luggage with additional maneuverability.



The TORQ collection is engineered to be ultra durable with all of the benefits of soft-shell luggage. The luggage’s 80/20 split allows for easy packing and unpacking while traveling.

These pieces look futuristic with their gleaming 7 layer polycarbonate shell and vibrant colors. This gleaming shell makes the luggage easy to spot on the carousel.

Inside the TORQ you will find a well-padded interior, ideal for professional who needs to carry sensitive equipment.

Torq features 

  • 80/20 lid opening
  • Garment carrier for wrinkle free packing
  • Flex retaining wall to keep items away from zipper
  • Wide wheel base for stability
  • 100% Virgin Makrolon Polycarbonate material
  • Double spinner wheels

  • International Carry-on Spinner
  • Medium spinner
  • Large spinner

  • Spinners

Briggs and Riley Best Seller

The Who is TORQ For?

These pieces are ideal for the long-distance traveler who needs to check fragile, valuable items, and who does not mind that the polycarbonate material scuffs.

THE BOTTOM LINE: What TORQ Buyers are saying:



  • standing up to lots of use
  • lots of padding
  • eye catching
  • 80/20 split


  • Handles are difficult to grab
  • Limited use of the front locking compartment due to the shallow depth.
  • Heavy, up to 9 lbs
  • Delicate cosmetics
  • Front panel lock wears over time
  • Curved zipper track can lead to zipper breakage.

Buyers have mixed emotions about their TORQ luggage. Some love that this luggage is easy to spot on the luggage rack, while others do not appreciate that it scuffs easily.

Also, travelers should be aware that this luggage weighs more than other collections and can be hard to carry.

The TORQ’s weight comes from its extra padding which some buyers appreciate while others wish it did not limit packing space.

If you want to buy the TORQ, there is a means of getting rid of its scuffs by polishing the case with ” Goo Gone” and the charcoal gray version of the TORQ hides scratches better than the other available colors.



The style of simpatico is unlike any other type of hard side luggage you have ever seen.

The Simpatico combines the features of a hard and soft side spinner case, though its rigid design with CX expansion-compression technology! 

The CX expansion adds up to 25% more packing space, then compresses back to size.

Briggs and Riley Best Seller

Simpatico features

  • Double Swivel Wheels for 360 Degree motion
  • Built-in TSA lock
  • Slip though back panel on all soft Simpatico pieces to slide over rolling luggage
  • Built- in suiter
  • SpeedThru Pocket

  • International Carry-on Spinner and Expandable version
  • Medium Expandable spinner
  • Large Expandable spinner

  • Spinners
  • Backpacks
  • Weekender
  • Shopping Tote

THE BOTTOM LINE: What Simpatico Buyers are saying:



  • Smaller size stays within the 14″ with requirement for most airline carry-ons
  • CX expansion is useful
  • Solid construction
  • Built- in Suiter can be used as a packing cube
  • One of the lightest luggage models on the market
  • Great design


  • Suiter alignment could be better and can bee too small for some suits
  • Some models have zipper weaknesses
  • When fully expanded and full to capacity, carry ons will not fit into the overhead compartment
  • Nylon twill may not hold up as well as ballistic nylon

Buyers have a lot to say about their Simpatico cases. Most of the reviews are very positive and those, which are negative cite minor complaints.

What is interested in that many buyers compare the Simpatico to Rimowa luggage and prefer the Simpatico!  

briggs and riley

Who is the Simpatico for?

The Simpatico is good for buyers who want a hard sided case that allows for packing flexibility.



Transcend is a traditional, soft sided luggage with a clean and modern flair.

These pieces are a smart and savvy take on consumers’ favorite travel accessories designed for faster and easier travels

Click to view all of Amazon’s Transcend models

Transcend features

  • Double Swivel Wheels for 360 Degree motion
  • Built-in TSA lock
  • Slip though back panel on all soft Simpatico pieces to slide over rolling luggage
  • Built- in suiter
  • SpeedThru Pocket

  • International Carry-on Spinner
  • Medium spinner
  • Large spinner

  • Spinners

THE BOTTOM LINE: What Transcend Buyers are saying:



  • CX expansion is useful
  • Solid construction
  • Built- in Suiter can be used as a packing cube
  • One of the lightest luggage models on the market
  • Great design


  • Suiter alignment could be better and can bee too small for some suits
  • Some models have zipper weaknesses
  • When fully expanded and full to capacity, carry ons will not fit into the overhead compartment
  • Nylon twill may not hold up as well as ballistic nylon

Overall buyers are happy with their Transcend bags. Customers enjoy the Transcend fabric, which allows for additional packing space, remains durable after use, and scuff free.

Though in the interest of full disclosure, some buyers have found that the carry-on bags are not allowed on specific flights.

Other consumers question the cases’ zipper integrity and material’s durability when used for years of heavy travel.

The Who is the Transcend For?

These bags are perfect for travelers who like to have some extra wiggle room when packing.



The perfect combo of a modern and athletic style.The BRX collection is a sleek and compact answer for the traveler who needs luggage that is easy to bring from one mode of transportation to the next.

These pieces are optimized to be lightweight and compact when filled.

BRX features 

  • Compression straps
  • Compression Panel
  • Add-A-Bag System
  • Large front pocket with padded laptop compartment
  • Speedthru pocket

  • Commuter
  • Regular, Medium, Large, Explore Expandable Upright

  • Commuter explore expandable Upright
  • Regular, Medium, Large, Explore Expandable Upright
  • Backpacks
  • Toiletry kit

THE BOTTOM LINE: What Transcend Buyers are saying:


  • Lightweight easy to list into overhead compartment
  • Durable and flexible material
  • Well constructed
  • Water resistant
  • Larger bags are idea for week long trips


  • Collapses when not fully loaded
  • Handle feels flimsy
  • Internal compression system is difficult to use when full
  • Small clasps Inside and outside need to be hooked into loops

Buyers appreciate the lightweight and durable quality of BRX luggage. Many praise the BRX fabric for being durable, flexible and well made.

However, customers are not fond of the fact that BRX bags collapse when not fully loaded and find that, when full, the internal compression system is hard to use.

Briggs and Riley

The Who is the BRX For?

The BRX is well suited for those who travel by foot, car, train and air all in one go.



@ Work is Briggs’ all black, ultra sleek business travel collection.

When appearances mean everything, look to the @work collection to keep you perfectly organized and coordinated.

This collection features primarily business briefs, rolling briefs, and business backpacks lending this product line to short business trips.

@Work Features

  • Hide-a-way ID Tag
  • Interlocking handle for stacking bags on B&R upright
  • Shoulder strap pocket to tuck strap away while not in use
  • RFID blocking pocket

  • Standard and Large Briefs
  • Regular and Rolling Briefs

  • Regular and Expandable Briefs
  •  Rolling cases
  • Backpacks

THE BOTTOM LINE: What @work Buyers are saying:


  • Roomy
  • Durable
  • Lighter than comparable models from other companies
  • Professional Appearance
  • Many pockets
  • Light interior making items easy to locate


  • Carry handles flop rather than working together 
  • Shoulder strap pocket is a bit shallow
  • Add a bag strap is narrow and makes stacking bags difficult
  • @ Work Clamshell Brief has trouble standing up
Briggs and Riley

Business travelers are quite fond of this collection.

Buyers say that hey use their @work bags for short business trips and love the fact that they can store their tech and a change of clothing in their rolling briefs.

The primary complaints about this entire collection are that the (add a bag feature ) does not work. Buyers briefs fall off the B&R uprights and that the wheeled briefs tip over when filled.

Outside of this main complaint, travelers find issue with specific design features of each briefcase.

The Who is the @Work For?

With savvy features and a sleek appearance, this collection is ideal for the business traveler who knows how to make a good impression.

Briggs and Riley



The Verb Collection is B&R’s second collection for business travelers that offers a full “ wardrobe” of travel accessories.

This line is expressly designed for longer business trips that require multiple travel items.

Verb Features

  • Mobile device pocket with protective lining
  • RFID blocking pocket
  • Cord Control Loops
  • Cordpass keeps tech in bag while charging
  • Interlocking Handle to fasten bag on top of Upright spinners

  • Standard and Large Briefs
  • Regular and Rolling Briefs

  • Regular and Expandable Briefs
  •  Rolling cases
  • Backpacks

THE BOTTOM LINE: What Verb Buyers are saying:


  • Easy Laptop access
  • Durable 
  • Roomy


  • Interlocking handle doesn’t secure brief well 
  • Top exterior pocket has limited access
  • Pilot upright has trouble standing up. 

Verb owners have mixed feelings about their bag saying that the bag has its merits but could be better designed.

Their top complaints are that the wheeled briefs have trouble staying upright and that they wish there were more pockets.

The Who is the Verb For?

Verb is recommended for road warriors and international business professionals.

Briggs and Riley

The Bottom Line on Briggs & Riley 

Briggs & Riley’s mission is focused on providing customers with top quality luggage that meets all of their travel needs in the most efficient and effective manner.

As they say “ We listen, and then we innovate”.

With its large selection of styles, time-tested track record, excellent warranty and quality construction, Briggs & Riley stands within the top tier of travel brands.

Consequently, this brand offers luggage that comes with a premium price tag.

Fortunately, most buyers say that this brand delivers superior value for the price.

And the ever-wonderful Simple as that ” Lifetime warrantee. 

Our Brand Rating :

The Good Stuff:

  • Excellent Warrantee
  • Great Construction
  • Better Value than other brands
  • Pricy, but worth it. Great Value
  • Unique expansion capability

Briggs & Riley Baseline Global Getaways works great and designed to meet all of your travel needs

The Bad Stuff:

  • Wheels are not always accounted for in manufacturer measurements
  • Material seems weaker than other brands
  • Some carry-on models are too large to be used as carry-ons

You don’t always have to take a brief to work and the Briggs and Riley @work backpack is an excellent example of this..

We rated Briggs and Riley with a 4/5 stars based on buyer reviews.

Briggs certainly has an excellent reputation. This brand scores highly for ease of navigation and packing as well as durability.

However, we couldn’t give them 5/5 stars since several of their models’ sizing are not as described! This simply does not seem fair to the consumer in our opinion.

Outside of sizing Briggs and Riley receives top marks!

With such an outstanding warrantee Briggs and Riley is hard to beat!

Briggs & Riley also provides a warrantee that lasts for its customers for life not simply the bag’s life. 

This means that if your bag is ever damaged even by the airline or in travel, Briggs will repair your bag.

All of these elements of this brand makes it so that you can buy one bag and keep it for life. 

Thanks for reading!

                           Until the next time… 

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