Labor Day Staycation Guide: Say Bye to Boredom this year!

Labor Day Staycation Guide: Say Bye to Boredom this year!

Labor Day Staycation Guide

t’s hard to believe that labor day weekend is here. It might seem like everyone is leaving town on Labor Day. But if you’re staying home here are some awesome tips for a Labor Day staycation! Why not make the most of Labor Day at home?

Whether you want to fly solo, play tourist in your home town, or throw a weekend bash we’ve got some tips here for you!

What this mean is that in order to pack enough for my lengthy trips abroad I had to become the most efficient and effective packer ever‚Ķ At the time I was able to fit about a month’s worth of recyclable outfits into my carry on and all of my important travel items in my personal item. But more on that later.

Read Realted Content: How to pack your carry on.

Your Labor Day Staycation

Play tourist is your home town! With work, family, and friends, it can be easy to forget to check out your home town. Personally, I know how time can slip by before actually finding the time to explore. Having a Labor Day staycation is the perfect excuse to see the sights of your hometown.
This labor day staycation, have a spa day! Found up a few of your favorite beauty products and treat your self to a little TLC. If DIY isn’t your style you can treat yourself to one at Home. Companies like Privi and Zeel are happy to help you. These cool new companies will come to you and provide you with a home spa experience! Or there is my good old stand by groupon. (None of these links are affiliate links just really cool services to help you have fun this holiday! ūüėČ
One of my favorite things to do with time off… is to cook! I especially love cooling for others. Check out one of great recipe books below. I’ve heard really great things or tried each of these cookbooks!
Better Homes and Gardens         All Books from Amazon : )
Labor Day Staycation Guide

Soak in some nature and go for a hike! A Labor Day hike doesn’t have to be a big to do. Planning a group hike can be as simple as heading to a local park, wearing good sneakers, and bringing some refreshments!

A simple Labor Day Staycation Hike checklist would be: ( we’ve included some links from amazon here so you can find things easily! )

  1. Sneakers
  2. Water
  3. Snacks
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Bug Spray
  6. A map
  7. Cellphone 
Labor Day Staycation Guide
If you’re ready for a rainy Labor Day, why not catch up on some reading? Or binge watch some of the crave worthy shows you’ve been meaning to catch up on! Curling up and enjoying some entertainment could be just what you need to rest up before the fall. Extra bonus points if you watch or read something that inspires you go get out there!

Under the Tuscan Sun

All entertainment from Amazon

Your Labor Day Staycation, doesn’t have to be a litteral sit and stay vacation! Why not check out a neighboring town or visit a museum? Staycations are ideal for getting out there and doing things that you don’t usually do.
Enjoy the last days of summer with some fun in the sun! A pool party or beach day is perfect for some labor day fun. If you don’t have a pool or a beach near by, don’t forget to get creative! I live in a big city where pools are far and few between. You can easily find a pool at a local hotel, gym, or country club.
Labor Day Staycation Guide
Throw a pool Party! 

Emoji Universe

All entertainment items from Amazon

Play at the beach! 
Take a local tour. You might be surprised what your neighborhood has to offer. Look for activities like a brewery tour, a neighborhood walk, or a food festival!
Shop for some sweet Laybor Day sales! Say hello to some awesome fall savings.
Labor Day Staycation Guide
Labor Day Staycation Guide
Happy Labor Day! We hope that you’ve enjoyed this guide and make the most of your Labor Day Staycation!

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How To Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Getaway

Who doesn't want to enjoy V-day? Some have mixed emotions about Valentine's day and feel like its " hallmark" holiday. Though, I'm firmly in the camp of celebrating love for love's sake! Heck, any excuse to travel and enjoy life! I believe that whether you are single,...

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Valentine’s Day Travel Gift Guide for Him: gifts for the traveling man

Valentine’s Day Travel Gift Guide for Him: gifts for the traveling man


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†-day’s coming up! And it just may be time to snag a few items for your man on the move. Check out some of our top top travel gifts and get ideas for your man with our Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Him.

Choosing¬†V-day gifts isn’t always easy.

Thats why we’ve pulled together some of our most drool worthy gifts for Valentines day. What’s a better excuse to spoil your man? Or.. even yourself for that matter.

We also have a fabulous Valentines Day Gift Guide for Her if you are looking for some inspiration.

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide Messenger bag

We recommend Ray Ban Club master Sunglasses in this Valentines Day Gift Guide. They're an excellent gift for men of all ages.

We recommend the Cocoon Innovations Mini Tablet Organizer in our Valentines Day Gift Guide for the organized traveling man

Travel Accessories for the Traveling Man

Front cover of Travel + Leisure on our Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide

In this Valentines Day Gift Guide we recommend the Leatherology travel case as a multi purpose travel kit for your well groomed man

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Him

The Messenger Bag

Lightweight and easy to manage a messenger bag is a great gift. Messengers work great for short trips and business travel.
This handsome Salvador Ferragamo bag, is a perfect example of what to look for. With rich accents this messenger works in both casual and professional settings. The best part is that the high quality leather of the Ferragamo will gain character as it ages.

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Him. Man with a messenger bag

The Shades

We couldn’t resist including these Ray Ban Club Masters.These versatile glasses work with almost any sense of style and fit all face shapes. Seriously, have you ever seen anyone look bad in them?! Consider a pair of quality sunglasses for your man this V-day.

The Cubmaster is a celebrity favorite, but not so¬†popular you’ll see them everywhere. I don’t think that a Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for him would be complete without them!

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Him. Rayban Club masters!

Travel Inspiration Anyone?

For the man on the go, having something to read is key. Magazines are a great option for travelers. We love magazines because they are lightweight, entertaining, and recyclable.

Consider getting your man a Magazine subscription that he can take on the go. Our Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide includes Travel + Leisure. This journal is chock full of articles and inspiration!

Travel inspiration anyone? Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Him

Fresh and Clean

There really is an art to looking good.The Art of Shaving set is a must have to stay looking good while traveling. With its small size and portable saving lotions this kit is the perfect.

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Him. Give your man a shave kit to keep him feeling fresh!

Totally Travel Ready

A stylish, sturdy and functional travel toiletry bag is a must have. This Leatherology case keeps things simple. With its awesome hanging feature all of your items will stay organized and accessible in this case.  Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for him. 

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Him

Tangle Free!

Tangled cords is a huge pain and disastrous while traveling. Who wants to dig through their bags for 10 minutes to find the right cord? Organizing gifts had to be on our Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for him. This gift will make everyone’s life easier and let the love grow!

The Cocoon Innovations cord case is a great option. This stylish and functional case keeps cords secured in place while on the move.

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Him

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Him

Thank you for reading our, Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Him! We hope you liked this article. Until the next time ; )

How To Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Getaway

How To Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Getaway


ho doesn’t want to enjoy V-day? Some¬†have mixed emotions about Valentine’s day and feel like its ” hallmark” holiday. Though, I’m firmly in the camp of celebrating love for love’s sake!

Heck, any excuse to travel and enjoy life!

I believe that whether you are single, dating, or married, you can enjoy a Valentine’s Day Getaway!¬†

This V-day, check out our guide to Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Getaway and celebrate your way!

sweet surprises for your valentines day getaway

Choose that Special Place


irst off, start planning your Valentine’s day Getaway by picking a special spot. When¬†picking a destination, look for a place that fits what you love most.¬†

Picking a meaningful place will only help you enjoy this V-day more! Consider what you would like to get out of your trip. 

Do you want romance, relaxation, adventure or something else? Consider what you and your partner would enjoy the most and work from there!

Perfect Valentine’s Day Getaway and celebrate your way!

Romantic or not, look for a special place for your valentines day getaway



-day is a short holiday. So, unless you snag a few vacation days a quick Valentine’s Day Getaway is best. The good news is you don’t have to go far to make your day special.¬†

I’ve had great trips where I leave right afterwork for a weekend trip. I find that a successful V-day comes down to picking a place that is different, but not too far.¬†

Some great short Trip destinations 


  • Mountain ski resort
  • A Day Spa
  • Florida, Californa, Louisiana
  • Mexico
  • Tuks and Caicos
  • St Barts
  • And… Puerto Rico

If you want to travel a bit further, but only have a short break: check out¬†Anatara’s deals here. Anatara hotels, resorts, and spas have special short-trip packages.¬†You can also find great international skiing deals here with Alpin Resorts¬†!

Take a look at our guide to beating travel fatigue.

I use these tips to make weekend trips work with my schedule! 

Kick travel fatigue to the curb with this guide!

Privacy and Services


n V-day both privacy and service are important. It’s no fun going on a romantic trip only to have onlookers peeking in! It’s also super annoying to spend lots of time setting things up.¬†

So, I like to look for a place that gives me privacy and killer service! This way, your Valentine’s day Getaway is all about you and your love! ¬†¬†

Pricacy and service is key for a valentines day getaway

Do Something New: Romantic Activities


Once you‚Äôve decided on your perfect location, it’s time to plan your itinerary! Keep this special day fresh by doing something new.

Learning new things and enjoying experiences with our partners releases dopamine and makes the connection feel fresh.

Look for novel experiences that you and your partner or friends can share this V-day.

You can often find fantastic Valentine’s day deals and packages. I like to go for a preplaned trip so I don’t have to spend hours¬†coordinating. Many specialty locations and hotspots offer Valentine’s day specials.

Though, if you do want to plan your special day on your own check out these ideas:

Valentine’s Day Getaway Activity


Plan Something a little Sexy


n your Valentine’s Day Getaway a little sex appeal goes along way. Even if you’re out with friends it can be super fun to do something sexy! Adding a bit of appeal can make your v-day extra fun and exciting.¬†

‘Sexy’ doesn’t have to mean ultra risque unless you’re in to that. Consider taking a dance class, visiting a hotel with a v-day suite or a burlesque club. Valentine’s day can be a time to connect with your partner and explore your passion.

Some sex appeal goes along way on a valentines day getaway

Watch the Weather


or the most part, we can’t control the weather. So it’s a good idea to have an all-weather-V-day plan. The forcast advisor is a great resource to help you plan your trip.¬†

Whether you are traveling a bit for your Valentine’s Day Getaway or staying nearby, you should look for activities that you can do both indoors and outdoors rain or shine.

True romance blossoms in all weather conditions, though it’s always nice when things go according to plan.

Sync your Schedules


¬†ommunication is essential. It‚Äôs important to consider everyone’s schedule so you can enjoy a stress-free day. If you want your plans to be a secret, just tell everyone you have a surprise planned!¬†

Be sure to drop a few hints.

A Valentine’s Day Getaway is more fun when everyone has their essentials!¬†

Even subtle hints can help avoid scheduling conflicts and mismatched expectations.

make sure everyone is on the same page for your valentines day getaway

Plan a Sweet Surprise


A sweet surprise can go a long way to show your partner you care. Ideas to show your love and appreciation can be: 

Picking out some flowers,  scheduling a massage, or a candle lit dinner!

If you and your lover are both travelers, travel goodies make great gifts. For some inspiration, you can check out our Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Him and Her if you want to give your partner a little something.

Pack the Essentials


Now that you have your vacation and actives all set, it’s time to start thinking about packing.

We recommend bringing a some V-day essentials like:

First take your location and length of your stay into account. From here pack a few extra items to set the mood.

The Travel Accessories

Since Valentines Day tends to be a short holiday, a duffle bag or a carry-on spinner will be your ideal travel companion.

essential valentines day getaway travel accessories

Happy Valentine’s Day and Thanks for Reading! We hope you have a wonderful V- Day.

If you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love.

– Maya Angelou

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Her! Gift inspiration for her

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Her! Gift inspiration for her

The Valentine's Day Travel Gift Guide for Her


aving trouble picking the perfect gift for your lady? Finding a great Valentine’s day gift isn’t easy. If you are anything like me finding novel v-day gifts is a real headache. Take a look at our Valentine’s Day Travel Gift Guide for Her to get some ideas!

The Valentine’s Day Travel Gift Guide for Her

This Valentine’s Day Travel Travel Gift Guide for her has items that are sure to hit the spot.

We’ve also got a Valentine’s Day Travel Gift Guide for Him. ¬†If you don’t find what you are looking for here or want to treat yourself check it out!


Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Her, treat your woman to a beautiful Gucci

Fitness inspired Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Her

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Her Tory Birch Taupe suede slipper

Travel Gifts for your Valentine

Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Her recommends a beautiful spinner to keep your lady looking good

We recommend a luxury camera bag in our Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Her for the globe trotting shutter bug

The scent of a woman is one of the most enticing Valentines Day gifts

All products Link to Amazon and Support the Urban Wayfarer. 

The Duffle Bag

Duffles are a huge travel and fashion trend. Duffle bags a great transition bags that go straight from the street to the plane. 

You will find stylish women carrying beautiful duffles all over the chicest parts of the world. Why? Well its simple, duffle bags make a functional fashion statement. Take this beautiful Gucci bag for example. This Gucci duffle is a fantastic hybrid of style and function.

As a medium sized duffle, your woman can carry this bag on a weekend getaway. But, she can also take this bag all over town as a purse.

The Valentine's Day Travel Gift Guide for Her

Sweet and Sweaty

This Tanagram Factory Smart Jump Rope is the perfect V-day travel gift. If your woman likes to stay in shape this is a really cool gift.

The Tanagram jump rope is light making it easy to take on the road. Then this rope comes with some serious features. You can track your jump count, calories burned and it gives you interval training recommendations!

We’ve also featured this rope in our Valentine’s Day Travel Gift Guide for Him. We think that this high-tech rope is ideal for travel exercise. Heck its on my wish list!¬†

The Valentine's Day Travel Gift Guide for Her

Spoil her with a Spinner

If you are in the mood to spoil your girl, consider a spinner.¬†We recommend OCCA as a part of our Valentine’s Day Travel Gift Guide for Her because of its beautiful and sleek. This spinner matches any style. The OCCA spinner is made of an durable alloy to protect your valuables. ¬†Spinners are great for long and short trips. These travel bags are made to move over all types of terrain.¬†

The Valentine's Day Travel Gift Guide for Her

Fresh and Clean

Packing beauty products is crazy frustrating with TSA limitations. ¬†Luckily, this Tory Birch Gift set is a lovely idea for Valentine’s Day. With its romantic color and delicate perfumes this set is sure to leave your lady feeling fresh after travel.

The Valentine's Day Travel Gift Guide for Her

Picture Perfect

Is your woman a shutter bug? If she is, then this¬†Marc Jacobs Camera bag is perfect!¬†Its not easy to find a cute camera bag and Marc Jacobs does it well. So we had to include this bag in our Valentine’s Day Travel Gift Guide for Her!

Camera bags are a must have on our Valentine's gift guide for her!

Soft Suede Slippers

Slippers are¬†a totally¬†underrated travel accessory.¬†When you are on the go for long hours, it’s nice¬†to have a par to slip into.¬†These Tory Burch slippers are perfect for travel; they are light, minimal, and stylish! This pair can easily be worn down to the hotel lobby, and no one will be none the wiser! Talk about discrete and comfort right there.

The Valentine's Day Travel Gift Guide for Her

The Valentine's Day Travel Gift Guide for Her


hanks for Reading! And Happy Valentines Day! We hope that you love this Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Her.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Lao Tzu

Why I Ditched Cheap Travel ( and think you should too )

Why I Ditched Cheap Travel ( and think you should too )

Why I Ditched Cheap Travel.


¬†e’ve all been there.¬†There are times where we want or want to do something but don’t want to pay the price. ¬†So what happens? Well, we either try to skimp on cost or wait until we are ready to pull the trigger. duh. Okay, so this was my mentality towards travel for years. And let me tell you, looking back on it, the cheap travel was never worth it.

The Old


Up until a few years ago; I held the thought that when it came to travel the cheaper, the better! I would do just about anything to skimp on travel costs.¬†Now, just to be clear, when I say that I would only go for cheap travel options, I don’t mean the affordable‚Ķ well, I guess-this-will-do-option.

I mean the super-late-night-red-eye flight with 4-hour layover that leads to a bus and then a train all the while traveling with a shoddy bag.

Okay, so you get the idea. Yeah, I saved a bit here and there, however along the way I created far more headaches than necessary


I figured that it didn’t matter how I traveled. All I cared about was that I got to my destination in one piece. 

I had this idea because I thought that since I was treating myself, I should cut costs wherever possible.  

‚ÄúWhen it comes to travel and travel accessories, what you pay for is what you get‚ÄĚ

The irony is that I cheated myself out of my travel experience. This article is the story of why I will never go back to cheap travel. And, why I think you should too!

To clarify, I don’t think that you should go on an: “All out spend-your-entire-savings travel binge!¬†

No, I think that when it comes to how you travel: what you put in is what you get out. Sadly with travel accessories and transportation, what you pay for is what you get.

This change in mentality, lead me to found the Urban Wayfarer.¬† I felt like I had to share what I’ve learned.

I couldn’t leave others in the dark. Especially I suffered quite a bit from aiming for cheap travel and I know others have too. My team and I also believe¬†that travel is one of the best investments in your can make so we don’t want you to be cheated!

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How it all started…

How it all began.

I had no idea what a difference investing in luggage could make. If only I had known what I do now.


Growing up I traveled a lot. As a dual citizen of France and the United States, I racked up quite a few frequent flier miles at an early age.

On the one hand, I loved my family, but on the other how we traveled was exhausting.I had a serious love-hate with travel at the time.  

My parents did not skimp on travel expenses but had an issue with over packing. When we traveled, we brought our lives with us. ¬†This situation isn’t perfect, to begin with, and then it gets worse.¬†

All of this travel took place before luggage trackers, seamless flights, and luggage weight restrictions. So to avoid losing our luggage, my parents would encourage us to stuff everything into our carry-ons and personal item.

What that meant is that I had to become the most efficient and effective packer ever!

Anywho, there’ll be more on that later.

Read Realted Content: How to pack your carry on.

Would I recommend doing this today? No, not really.

This type of travel is stressful and lead me to cut corners with how I traveled. Somehow I got the mentality that it did not matter how I got to my destination, just that I got there.

My family never put much thought into how draining our transit choices would be. And, I was too young to realize how much easier travel could be. I had no idea what a massive difference that investing in quality luggage and transportation could make!

What Cheap Travel

Actually Costs:


Since I never questioned my family’s travel mentality, I picked up some bad habits. I thought it was okay to cut corners on transportation and buy discount luggage.

I didn’t realize what cheap travel really costs.

Like I’ve said, I did save some money. But at the cost of fully enjoying the experiences, I spent even more time and money to have!

When I used to aim for discount and cheap travel I was more stressed than not. Bags broke, luggage was lost, I couldn’t find necessary items, and on and on!

Lorem, at laciniam urna. In ipsum au hacet habita asse est au platea dictumst. Vivamus vel justo.


The hard truth is that I cheated myself out of the experience down the line.


“Cheap Travel Cheats You out of Your Travel Experience”

The terrible irony of this mentality was that it wasn’t as if I could not afford to travel well. 

I simply thought that since I was treating myself to a nice trip, I should try and save where it was easiest. 

When the Truth

Finally Sank in…

For example, on my first trip to California, I decided to get the cheapest flight that I could on the way over and that meant having a seven-hour layover in the Las Vegas airports in the dead of night.

Las Vegas Airport.

Never Again…..

It was just short enough of a layover that I thought booking a hotel did not make sense…

What a disaster. It was probably one of the most uncomfortable night that I have ever spent with blaring rock music and neon flashing lights all around. That’s not to say that the Las Vegas airport doesn’t have something great about it, but I certainly am not a fan.

By the time I arrived in Cali, I was exhausted and had to stay up for a full 14 hours to make it through a day of work. For the rest of the trip, I was playing catch up and struggled to stay fully present.

When I think about it, what I saved on those tickets was not worth the result. 

On another occasion where I bought discount luggage, I ended up taking someone else’s luggage home because it looked exactly like mine.

Trust me no one wants to get a phone call from the TSA saying that they think you’ve taken someone else’s luggage home and to find out that they are right!

If you think that’s bad; by the time I got the TSA phone call, I was over an hour away from the airport!

What I did not realize at the time was that what I was saving on my luggage and airplane ticket was costing me the ability to fully enjoy the experience of traveling!

How I think about travel now.

As I began to travel more and more often, I realized how unsustainable it is to travel with luggage that falls apart easily or on flights that require a seven-hour layover.

So now I’ve made an entirely new choice and no longer skimp on travel when I can afford not to.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Travel Well ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Traveling well isn’t about spending a fortune. Its about knowing what you are investing in!

At present, I think about investing in travel and travel accessories like investing in your car and its wheels. The hard truth is that I was actually cheating myself out of the experience down the line.

Can you imagine skimping on the quality of your car’s wheels?!¬†

I know that I certainly cannot. 

The wheels of your car like your luggage go with you everywhere you go and make sure you get there safely.

I feel so much better now knowing I am prepared for where ever I have to go.

Who doesn’t want to be able to leave at a moment’s notice and be confident that your plans will go off without a hitch? I know that that being able to take off at a moment’s notice is exactly what I want and need because of my busy lifestyle.


he last thing anyone wants is to have luggage that falls apart while en route or isn’t what you thought it was. It can be disastrous to think you have scored a great travel deal only to have something go awry.

Once it fully sunk in why discount travel isn’t worth it, I began to research better travel options and products. This research has made a world of difference for me and I want to share.

My Top Reasons Why Cheap Travel Isn’t Worth It:


Ultimately, It¬†Doesn’t Make Sense Financially

Discount air fare is not all that its cracked up to be. When you are taking time off of work to travel or traveling for work time is money. If you buy a cheap ticket and it means uncomfortable travel conditions you are paying way more than the cost of the ticket. Hear me out.

If you are uncomfortable while traveling you will need a more recovery time. A longer recovery means is that you won’t be able to work as well. And this recovery time can cost you and make working well or enjoying travel difficult.

Sure, you might find an all-star discount every now and then. But the majority of discount tickets are far from desirable. 

Cheap luggage simply does not hold up like premium luggage does. So when you buy cheap luggage, you should plan on buying another soon.  When I used to skimp on luggage I would buy new bags all the time. After a while this habit got expensive. I would have been better off buying a suitcase that would last rather than 5 cheap cases would break.

Also cheap travel items are not equipped with the same features that premium bags. Let me tell you, this makes a difference! Not having the features that you need makes travel more stressful.  I would often have to dig for important travel items or buy another bag while on the go.


It Keeps You from Fully Enjoying Your Trip

If how you travel is stressing you out, its not worth it. Back aches, leg cramps, and a lack of sleep all keep you from enjoying travel. When you invest time and money into a trip it doesn’t make sense to do something that could hinder the experience


Discount Travel and luggage Hard on Your Body. 

Like i’ve mentioned above, skimping on travel is hard on your body. ¬†Cheap airfare often means uncomfortable seats which can lead to body aches a lack of sleep and colds. ¬†ick. ¬†Also its easy to under estimate how taxing poorly designed luggage can be on your body.¬†


Its Harder to Recover from Cheap Travel

Just a few photos from my travels.
No regrets here. I love my suitcase now, so worth it! And the extra airplane space? Loved it. Spend what you can, but go for the best.

Why Travel is an Investment and Our Case for Why You it one Too!

Why Travel is an Investment and Our Case for Why You it one Too!


 hether or not          travel should or    should not be considered an investment is a heavily debated topic. Some say yes, others say no, while others still, fall somewhere in between.

So, we would like to present to you our opinion on why you should think of travel as an investment!


Why you should think of travel as an investment

We believe that holding this mentality will give you license to travel more and ultimately will better your life.

How We see it:

Although travel might not be a traditional investment, it certainly acts like one.

Just like with assets you can buy in financial markets, with travel you can come up with a positive or negative result. The only difference is that you might not see a direct financial reward immediately after you travel.

( Though that does not mean it can’t happen! )

When it comes to travel, like any other saving and investing activity, it takes a bit of discipline.

But the amazing thing about travel is that it benefits more areas than just your financial wealth!

Skip to the bottom of this article to see the areas of your life travel will directly impact.

It can be easy to try and pursue happiness by buying the newest this or that. Though, when it comes down to it, experiences matter more than whatever items you could grab off the shelf.

Think about it this way:

Travel is investing in life experience, experiences that can help you grow and live a happier life.

Think about it this way; the more explore, the more you see. The more you see, the more you grow and the more you learn, the more you will change as a human being.

Ultimately, globe-trotting is one of the fastest ways to grow and learn!

You will increase your problem-solving capabilities, communication skills, learn about yourself and more.

These skills and lessons are also more likely to stick since the entire experience is out of the ordinary.

Still not convinced you should consider traveling as an investment?

Okay.. we get it. Let’s discuss the other side of the argument and see if we can’t convert you!

The Other Side:


Those who are adamantly against considering travel an investment think of the term ” investment ” in a very limited sense.

They often ask something like:

¬†“How can travel be considered an investment when you’re not necessarily getting money back or buying anything with any future monetary value”?

To this, we would say that just like with any traditional investment who can judge a trip is a good or bad investment before you go?

 All that matters when traveling is your attitude towards travel and the experiences you have. If you go with an open mind and heart, you will gain from any exploration you go on.

What this also means is that if you keep your mind open and look for opportunity, travel could easily turn into a financially rewarding activity.


The other common argument against why you should consider traveling an investment is that only some types of travel are worthy of this title while others are not.

Okay, so fair point, I see why people bring up this argument. However, don’t you think its kinda judgemental?

Even though I am not a huge club goer, you’d be surprised what you can get out of going to night-life events and relaxing on the beach.

Just because you never visit a single monument or museum on your trip does not mean it wasn’t an investment.

This all goes back to attitude and whether or not you are self-destructive on your vacations.

If you go out to night-life events everyday of your trip to network, learn about different types of nightlife, and more, then goal accomplished!

However, if you have an unhealthy relationship with nightlife, then this type of vacation is never a good idea.

The last counter argument to why travel should not be considered an investment is in the scenario where someone blows their budget on extravagant hotels,  five-course meals, etc.

Well, the bottom line from this argument is all hinged on the fact that the individual doesn’t learn from their experiences ….

I would venture to say that even if you completely blow your budget and end up in an uncomfortable situation that trip was still an investment.

Whether or not your vacation was a good or bad investment comes down the choice to learn from the experience and grow.

The bottom line

The Bottom line of our oppinion is that whether or not travel is a good or bad investment all comes down to your attitude on the road.

If you leave home with an open mind and look for opportunities to get the most out of your world exploration, you will gain an experience that pays dividends well into the future.

If you are willing to allow travel to be an investment, it will become one for you.

The Amazing ways an investment in travel will benefit your life…

The bottom line

Your Work Life:

Work well

It can be easy to see travel as only for relaxation, but it can be an investment in your work life.

As you meet people from around the world and see how they move through life, you will learn invaluable skills in communication.

fact, some say that business travel is all about who you meet, not necessarily what you learn…

What this means is that those who travel have an advantage in international business and talking to people of different backgrounds.

Travel can also help you to understand business operations internationally. This planet is full of inspiration, and your work life will benefit from travel.


stash the cash

As you travel, you’ll also see new market opportunities around the world. For example, a popular product in one country might not even be available in another!

Now that is an opening to explore.

Your can even learn a bit about financial amrket movements by simply experiencing a different culture.

You would be surprised how much your financial understanding can improve by immersing yourself in another culture.



health, wealth and happy

When you travel, you get a chance to rest and get away from the stresses of your normal life.

While you take a break from your regular schedule, you get an opportunity to reset and evaluate.

Where your health is conscerned, travel can actually be a good time to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Eating healthy while on the road isn’t always a given. However, being more active and aware of your diet while traveling can come naturally.

There are actually studies that show that travel is good for your health regardless of your own health initiatives!

Your Mental Health: 

say ahhhh…

While you are off on an adventure, you give your mind a break. Take a deep breath and relax.

Vacations are the time to try out a new hobby or break a frustrating habit since you have the time and new experienes to focus on.

For example you can take a moment to revel in gratitude!

Getting into the habit of expressing gratitude for all that you have and comes your way is game changing. With gratitude you can bring new levels of joy and abundance into your life.

Your Mindset:

your mindset matters

Travel can also help you shift your mindset. As you meet new people, you will expose yourself to new ways of thinking.

If you find yourself stuck in certain thought patterns travel can help you break them. Gaining new experiences is an excellent way to learn to live in the moment and shake off old ideas.


Sense of Inspiration:

Wonder at the world

It’s hard not to garner inspiration from travel. Trips give you a whole new buffet of stimulation.

If you find yourself in a rut taking some time away from the humdrum of your life can reinvigorate you! Vacations are the time to try out new things and find inpiration.

Sense of Self:

Get to know your best-friend

No matter your attitude or personality the one real investment you are guaranteed to get by traveling is self-knowledge.

When you are challenged to set outside of your comfort zone, you will learn about yourself in ways you could never have imagined.