Labor Day Staycation Guide: Say Bye to Boredom this year!

Labor Day Staycation Guide: Say Bye to Boredom this year!

Labor Day Staycation Guide

t’s hard to believe that labor day weekend is here. It might seem like everyone is leaving town on Labor Day. But if you’re staying home here are some awesome tips for a Labor Day staycation! Why not make the most of Labor Day at home?

Whether you want to fly solo, play tourist in your home town, or throw a weekend bash we’ve got some tips here for you!

What this mean is that in order to pack enough for my lengthy trips abroad I had to become the most efficient and effective packer ever‚Ķ At the time I was able to fit about a month’s worth of recyclable outfits into my carry on and all of my important travel items in my personal item. But more on that later.

Read Realted Content: How to pack your carry on.

Your Labor Day Staycation

Play tourist is your home town! With work, family, and friends, it can be easy to forget to check out your home town. Personally, I know how time can slip by before actually finding the time to explore. Having a Labor Day staycation is the perfect excuse to see the sights of your hometown.
This labor day staycation, have a spa day! Found up a few of your favorite beauty products and treat your self to a little TLC. If DIY isn’t your style you can treat yourself to one at Home. Companies like Privi and Zeel are happy to help you. These cool new companies will come to you and provide you with a home spa experience! Or there is my good old stand by groupon. (None of these links are affiliate links just really cool services to help you have fun this holiday! ūüėČ
One of my favorite things to do with time off… is to cook! I especially love cooling for others. Check out one of great recipe books below. I’ve heard really great things or tried each of these cookbooks!
Better Homes and Gardens         All Books from Amazon : )
Labor Day Staycation Guide

Soak in some nature and go for a hike! A Labor Day hike doesn’t have to be a big to do. Planning a group hike can be as simple as heading to a local park, wearing good sneakers, and bringing some refreshments!

A simple Labor Day Staycation Hike checklist would be: ( we’ve included some links from amazon here so you can find things easily! )

  1. Sneakers
  2. Water
  3. Snacks
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Bug Spray
  6. A map
  7. Cellphone 
Labor Day Staycation Guide
If you’re ready for a rainy Labor Day, why not catch up on some reading? Or binge watch some of the crave worthy shows you’ve been meaning to catch up on! Curling up and enjoying some entertainment could be just what you need to rest up before the fall. Extra bonus points if you watch or read something that inspires you go get out there!

Under the Tuscan Sun

All entertainment from Amazon

Your Labor Day Staycation, doesn’t have to be a litteral sit and stay vacation! Why not check out a neighboring town or visit a museum? Staycations are ideal for getting out there and doing things that you don’t usually do.
Enjoy the last days of summer with some fun in the sun! A pool party or beach day is perfect for some labor day fun. If you don’t have a pool or a beach near by, don’t forget to get creative! I live in a big city where pools are far and few between. You can easily find a pool at a local hotel, gym, or country club.
Labor Day Staycation Guide
Throw a pool Party! 

Emoji Universe

All entertainment items from Amazon

Play at the beach! 
Take a local tour. You might be surprised what your neighborhood has to offer. Look for activities like a brewery tour, a neighborhood walk, or a food festival!
Shop for some sweet Laybor Day sales! Say hello to some awesome fall savings.
Labor Day Staycation Guide
Labor Day Staycation Guide
Happy Labor Day! We hope that you’ve enjoyed this guide and make the most of your Labor Day Staycation!

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Finally Free: Steps to Conquer your Fear of Flying for good!

Finally Free: Steps to Conquer your Fear of Flying for good!

10 Powerful Ways to Beat your Fear of Flying!


oes the thought of flying bring on a wave of anxiety? If you’re afraid of flying, you are not alone! A Fear of Flying is actually quite ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† common! According to an abcNEWS article, up to 25 percent of Americans have flight anxiety.

So it’s surprising most have no ideal how handle their fear. Do you know how to over come your fear of flying?


Airplane in take off

Fortunately here are some simple ways for you to relax while in the air. There is no reason that you cannot overcome your fear of flying, so lets get to work!

Skip the pre-flight caffeine and booze

It might seem like a good idea to knock back a few drinks pre-flight. But,¬†If you have a fear of flying drinking before a trip isn’t a good idea. Alcohol makes it harder to adjust to altitude and time zone changes.

We also recommend avoiding pre-flight caffeine. Caffeinated drinks can make you extra jittery. Coffee jitters can mimic the symptoms of anxiety, so it’s better to skip the lattes and expressos.

Our Recommendation: 

If you can tolerate sugar, you might want to consider a piece of fruit or dark chocolate. Healthy sugars in moderation can help calm your nerves.

Eating sugar sends out pleasure signals. And, these happy hormones can override the cortisol in your body.

However, this is not free license to send yourself into a sugar coma! Too much or artificial sugar can make you hyper. So, if you choose this route to calm your nerves, be sure to reach for a healthy option.

Other soothing options can be a high fat low carb snack like cheese or sliced meats.

Healthy snacks balance the chemicals caused by a fear of flying !

Drinks and Snacks to Choose:  

Calming tea is a great soother for a fear of flying

Front view of Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut butter cup

Put a Name to it: Figure out Exactly what You are Afraid of 

Check in with yourself and question where your fear of flying comes from. Try to figure out what makes you anxious about flying.

It’s hard to fix a problem that you don’t understand. It’s kinda like trying to find the answer to an equation with too many missing variables.

Start by narrowing down what triggers your flight anxiety. Are you concerned about the takeoff and landing? Are you worried about feeling claustrophobic? The Turbulence?

Our Recommendation: 

To narrow down what you are afraid of, try journaling. Stream of consciousness writing can help you get to the root of the issue. With this type of writing put everything that comes to mind about flying on paper. From here you can take steps to address what comes up.

Woman reading a book to distract from her fear of flying

Try Midful Journaling and Meditation

icon icon

Kate Spade NY Dipped Journal: Nordstrom

Prepare for What’s in store:¬†

Turbulence is a common and normal part of flying. The plane starts to shake when it that hits an air pocket. Even though turbulance is natrual and safe, it can be unsettling.

Our Recommendation: 

That’s why we recommend checking the turbulance report before you fly. Turbcast¬†(iTunes, $1.99) is an app,¬†designed to analyze weather patterns and give you an idea of what to expect. Apps like¬†Turbcast can help you to manage your fear¬†by letting you know what’s coming rather than leaving you in the dark.

If you see that there is turbulance up a head, we recommend taking these action steps. 

  1. Let the Cabin crew know of your fears
  2. Talk it out with your travel buddes
  3. Be Determined to stay positive ( visualize the best * read more below )
  4. Take: A healthy snack, a soothing herbal supplement, or a sleep aid
  5. Get lost: in a book / movie / mustic / coloring book or your dreams !
Turbulance can trigger a fear of flying, but there is nothing to worry about! Ease your mind with these tips.

Talk it out! 

It is a good idea to tell other people about your fears. Sometimes by talking out your fears they become smaller. Be sure to let¬†the cabin crew know what’s going on.

Our Recommendation: 

The crew can be a big help. The stewards and stewardesses travels often and can give you extra help if you need it.

Don’t forget to share with your family and friends! The support of loved ones can make all the difference.

Talk to other people about your fear of flying, it can help you kick it to the curb!

Be Determined to Stay Positive

A lot of anxiety is about seeing the worst, most dramatic, problem occurring even if it is unlikely.

Our Recommendation: 

Pre-flight, take the time to visualize the exact opposite of your worries.

For example: see yourself packing everything you need, seamlessly dropping your bags off at the luggage checkpoint. Then painlessly walking through security and boarding your flight. Followed by a smooth take off flight and landing. See yourself using your in-flight tools to diffuse anxiety and how they will work flawlessly for you. Try, not only to see yourself as calm and relaxed, but feel how good this feels.

Also, another visualization that helps while on board is to visualize your destination. The key is to get your mind off any of your fears and focus on why you are traveling in the first place!

Positivity beats a fear of flying like none other!

Review the Safety Information

Our Recommendation: 

Now, don’t start envisioning the worst, but it is a good idea to read¬†your airline’s safety information.

By giving yourself the tools to handle the “worst case scenario,” you should be able to take comfort in knowing that you know what to do when it matters most.

Saftely info can be helpful to reduce a fear of flying. Knowledge is power!

Bring an item that makes you feel safe :

Our Recommendation: 

Stack the cards in your favor and bring an item that makes you feel safe and secure while flying.

With all of the cortisol and stress hormones that come with fear, having an item that feels comforting can help.

My favorite go-tos are a plush blanket like those to the right, a necklace my mother gave me, and to look at photos of my friends while in-flight.

Bring a source of comfort with you like a cozy blanket!

Distract, Distract, Distract yourself

Traveling with ease comes down to how well you occupy your mind while flying.

Our Recommendations: 

  • Listening to a meditation tape with noise canceling headphones.
  • Coloring in a meditation, or just plain fun, coloring book!
  • Get carried away in a good story with:
    • A book
    • An Audio Tape
    • A Movie you’ve been dying to see!
Distract yourself! What you think of grows so do anything but think of your fear of flying while on a flight

The Power of Supplements:

Herbal supplements can be a powerful and effective means of treating anxiety and its related symptoms.

At a mild level, drinking relaxing teas such as Camomille, peppermint or licorice tea can help you relax.

Traveling with ease comes down to how well you occupy your mind while flying.

Our Recommendations: 

Then from here, you can take a step up to St. John’s Wort, Holy Basil or Scullcap, which may be more effective at calming your nerves.

If you have trouble sleeping during your flight, melatonin or valerian can help you get some much-needed rest.

Then, post-flight, for recovery, flower tinctures and powdered vitamin packets can help your nervous system return to normal after a spike in Cortisol.

Natural Supplements are great for a fear of flying

Last resort Remedies on the Ready:

If none of the above tips help you relax, it is useful to have one or two ” last- ditch effort ” relaxation remedies on hand for the severely anxious flier.

Some doctors will prescribe fast-acting medications for nervous fliers, but be aware that each medication has side effects and may leave you feeling groggy and out of sorts post-flight.


The Bottom line:

Being afraid of flying is nothing to be ashamed of, many are in the same boat as you. A fear of flying is one of the most common fears. 

Although it takes a bit of work, overcoming and managing your fear is totally possible! All you need to do is put in the proper preparation and you will be well on your way to flying without fear. 

Staying engaged with your fear, in a healthy way is empowering. By working to beat your fear of flying you take back the power and will be free in no time! 

As always, thank you for reading! And please let us know if these tips help, they’ve helped us on our way and would love to hear if you have any other ideas!¬†

Finally Free! Conquering your fear of flying is epic!

If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

Dale Carnegie

Long Flight Hacks: How to Conquer Your Next Long Flight

Long Flight Hacks: How to Conquer Your Next Long Flight


Long Flight Hacks


lying can be an exciting experience, but embarking on a long flight can be daunting!

Since long flights can be a challenge, we’ve pulled together our top ways to:

Stay entertained, Beat jet lag, Fly happy and healthy, and maybe even Relax on your long flight!

The key to coming out on the other side feeling just about as good as you felt before you took off, comes down to the basics. Traveling smart is especially important on a long flight. Who wants to land with jet lag and travel fatigue? 

You want to focus on having all of your essentials covered so that your 6+ hour flight melts away in no time.

Top Long Flight Travel Hacks :

Long Flight Travel Hacks: Tip 1


Not all flights and airlines are created equal. Make sure to do a bit of research into the airline you are flying on to ensure that you are getting the best.

The size of the plane, amenities, and service all matter. When you are traveling for an extended period, skimping on what seem to be travel luxuries makes a big difference.

As a dual citizen, I have traveled between the USA and Europe many times. These days, I won’t skimp on ultra-budget seats unless I absolutely have to.

Long Flight Travel Hacks: Tip 2

Time Your Transfers

The key to coming out on the other side feeling just about as good as you felt before you took off, comes down to the basics. Traveling smart is especially important on a long flight. Who wants to land with jet lag and travel fatigue? You want to focus on having all of your essentials covered so that your 6+ hour flight melts away in no time.

If you have the opportunity to choose how long your transfers are, try to time them out so that you have just enough time to disembark, freshen up and grab some food.

For most airports, an hour and a half is a good amount of time to leave between your flights. An hour and half, is just enough time to grab a bite to eat, freshen up, and get to your next terminal.

In addition, it’s also a good idea¬†look up how far apart your terminals are¬†to gauge if you need extra time. Sprinting between gates isn’t a fun way to get some exercise. Not all airports are a joy to hang out in for hours so you may want to keep this time to a minimum without putting yourself in a time crunch.

Long Flight Travel Hacks: Tip 3

Sitting Pretty, Be Choosy With Your Seat

If it is in your budget, consider upgrading your ticket. Since you are going to be in one place for most of your trip, one of the best things you can do is give yourself a bit of extra comfort.

The size of the plane, amenities, and service all matter. When you are traveling for an extended period, skimping on what seem to be travel luxuries makes a big difference.

If extra leg room is important to you, try to shoot for one of the front rows or a seat near an emergency exit. If you land a spot in one of these seats, just be ready for a safety lecture.

Aisle seats are ideal for those who like to get up and stretch their legs or take frequent bathroom breaks. While window seats are perfect for those, who want to curl up and catch some zzz.

Long Flight Travel Hacks: Tip 4

Beat Jet Lag: Plan Your Sleep

Long Flight Travel Hacks: Tip 6

Travel Light: Check it 

Avoiding and overcoming jet lag is an individual thing. Typically a rough guideline is that it takes one day of recovery per time zone crossed.

To shorten my travel recovery time, I prep my body days in advance for the time shift.

For example, I will wake up and go to bed an hour earlier three to for days in advance and then two hours earlier two days in advance and so on.

While traveling, I also try to adapt to my destination time. So it is night, I will pop a sleeping aid, or if it is daytime, I will grab some extra coffee and only take short naps.

In general, sleeping on a plane is a good idea, but it can be tough. It is a good idea to get extra rest during the nights before your flight.

If you are one of the lucky ones, who can sleep well on a plane, lucky you! Rock on and catch up on sleep while you fly. Sleeping is one of the best ways to pass the time on a long flight.

Long Flight Travel Hacks: Tip 5

Find Your Fuel: Pre-Plan your Food 

Eating and drinking well will help you cope with the stress of travel. By eating food that is low in sugar, you can keep your body from feeling jittery and experiencing energy crashes. Look for unprocessed, nutritionally dense food for the best results.

You can’t always rely on airplane food to satisfy you, but do your best to pre-book a meal that suits your diet if you have the option.

Just like eating well, staying hydrated is critical to traveling well. Drinking lots water will help your body recover and fight off any germs you encounter while on the road.

Long Flight Travel Hacks: Tip 6

Travel Light: Check it 

Carrying more than you have to on a long flight is more stressful than useful. If you are on extra long trips, with any luck, you will be able to sleep for most of it.

So hanging on to entertainment¬†or work items¬†should be kept to a minimum. You don’t want to take up any of your precious leg room with un-useful things.

In my carry on you’ll find copies of my important documents, my passport, noise canceling headphones, a small toiletries case, my technology, antibacterial wipes, a neck pillow and an eye mask.

If I have an important event to go to when I land or another long connecting flight I will also pack a spare outfit to change into after the flight.

Long Flight Travel Hacks: Tip 7

Looking Good: Dress for the Occasion

Long Flight Travel Hacks

I am not one to sit for extended periods of time unless I have to. So on a long flight, I am certain to wear extra comfy clothing 

Look for items that are durable and will protect your skin. I layer my items, so I like to choose breathable, lightweight fabrics, so that am neither too hot or too cold.

I also like to bring some travel sized beauty products to freshen up while on the go.

Lastly, mind your footwear. Be sure to wear comfortable, supportive shoes that let your feet breathe. Your feet are your foundation, so its worth it to pick comfort over style in this case. I also like to bring an extra pair of socks so that I can keep my feet feeling fresh.

Givenchy Sneaker on Nordstrom

Long Flight Travel Hacks: Tip 8

Beat The Boredom

If sleeping for your entire flight isn’t an option or you have trouble resting on a flight. Be sure to prep boredom fighting activities.¬†Personally, I like to keep my activities technology based so that I can avoid carrying on too many items.

Though it can be a good idea to bring one or two items that aren’t tech based if you are an anxious flyer or get overstimulated by technology.

Parting Thoughts …

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think of our tips to conquer a long flight and be sure to tell us if you have any other comments! : )

Much love,

Kick Travel Fatigue to the Curb! Your Top Fatigue Fighting Tips and Tricks.

Kick Travel Fatigue to the Curb! Your Top Fatigue Fighting Tips and Tricks.

Travel Fatigue is no joke! look here to figue it out!

Kick Travel Fatigue to the Curb!

hen we travel, there seems to be this expectation that we will return feeling rested and read to go. Travel fatigue can’t touch us, right? The truth is, how often to we return from a trip perky and ready to go? Rarely…

What does post-travel fatigue mean for travelers?

Even if it isn’t entirely realistic, there seems to be pressure to arrive picture perfect. Bosses want to have work on their desks first thing when you return. Friends want to hear all about our adventures. And family wants to see you looking good. Everything that comes with returning home adds up to a lot of pressure.

It’s not unheard of, to come back feeling exhausted, stressed out, or down in the dumps. It might not seem easy, but there are some simple ways to beat post-travel fatigue! A lot of what makes ¬†a trip stressful is out of our hands, but what we can change is our approach to travel. There are simple changes you can make before, during, and after, travel to come home feeling great! Read on for your maximum anti-fatigue-fighting game plan!¬†

Pre-flight: Travel Fatigue Prevention  

Prep for your Departure and Flight

According to a study by the former director of NASA’s Fatigue Countermeasures Program, Mark Rosekind, most get only 5 hours of sleep pre-trip!¬†This study also shows that most lose around 8 hours of sleep while on the road!

That’s the equivalent of pulling an all-nighter or more.

So, before you head out, be sure to get a few extra hours of sleep. We also recommend packing a few sleep items in your carry on.

I like to bring a light blanket, sleep mask, and earplugs. I also wear my Bose noise canceling headphones if I really can’t get some shut-eye!

Sleep planning is critical to preventing travel fatigue

Look below for the products that I use to make sure I get the best sleep possible! The key is to get some quality sleep before and during your trip to minimize jet-lag.

During Travel РFatigue Prevention  

Back to the Basics: Heathy Habits

During all stages abroad, it’s important to follow healthy habits. While away you might have the temptation to “let it all go,” but it’s better not to.

Be sure to drink extra water since terminals are dry and carrying luggage can make you sweaty!

You should also look to eat foods that are natural and unprocessed.

With the added stress of commuting, it doesn’t make much sense to tax your body further by asking it to digest processed foods.

(Even if junk food is convenient!)

By practicing clean eating, you stack the odds in your favor.

Natural produce is the best way for your body to absorb essential vitamins and minerals.


Keep up your healthy habits to prevent travel fatigue

Eating well, will help your body fight off illness and stay active.

Try to take it easy on alcohol and caffeine. I know that both of these drinks seem like essential, but they are hard for your body to processes. The key isn’t to be a dietary saint. Just¬†be mindful of what you are eating and drinking.

Plan your Travel Sleep Schedule

Sleep planning is one of the best ways to prevent and treat travel fatigue.

Before you leave, determine how many time zones you are crossing. ¬†Then, plan to either take a nap or stay awake. If you are ” falling forward” I tend to stay awake, while if I’m falling back I try to sleep.

If you want to be precise with your sleep schedule, check out jet lag rooster. Jet lag rooster is a free resource to help you plan out how to shift your sleep schedule.

I use the Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm clock to set my Sleep schedule. This baby has made all the difference in the world! I highly Recomened it. Check it out here on Amazon.

Strategic Scheduling

It can be tempting to pack your trip from morning ’til evening. However, be smart about how you plan your trip.

For business travel, try to schedule meetings based on the time zone you left.

Timing out your meetings keeps your body and mind in sync for the important stuff.

Panda Gratitude Journal and planner: I love how cute and efficient this planner is! Check it out on Amazon. 

Rest in the Rays

Take the time to sit in the sun. Spending time outside improves focus and energy, which also helps in recovering from stress.

With time zone and schedule changes, stack all of your cards in your favor!

Scheduling in some "me-time" to beat travel fatigue

Time Zone meeting planning improves to odds you will be: awake, focused and energetic! The same goes for your return trip.

You should aim to do the opposite when you return home.

icon icon

Sunnies from Bloomingdales!

Sweat it Out

You might not want to, but it’s on your to-do list, yup exercise. I know that we have been talking about how tiring travel is, though scheduling a sweat sech is a great idea.

Physical activity and stretching keep blood flowing and prevent aches and pains. Hear me out; you don’t have to go nuts! Moving your body for even 10 to 15 minutes is all you need to combat travel fatigue.

To shake off soreness try doing a few stretches and walk around, without your luggage.

Once you land, exercising the morning will help your body reboot its internal clock and speed up recovery.

Also if you can workout outdoors, or in a naturally lit gym, there’s a bonus!

Your Return-  Travel Fatigue FREE! 

Schedule in some me time:

After your trip, you may need to hit the ground running. So, don’t forget the value of “me-time” when you plan your trip. Adding a little wiggle room for recouping goes a long way. This added time helps with jet lag recovery and keeps your emotions on an even keel.

Give yourself something to look forward to:

After the excitement of travel, it can be a letdown to return home. To prevent this let-down, ¬†schedule something you look forward to. Don’t let an emotional slump get to you on top of the physical fatigue of travel.

Me-time after a trip is key

I like to; get a massage, go out with friends, watch a movie, or see something new in my city after time away.

Scheduling all of these fun activities after travel can make a huge difference! Heck, why not? Just because we go on vacation, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at home.


Travel is amazing, but be aware that the adjustment back to your everyday life can be a challenge.

The good news is that there are many ways to combat Travel fatigue.

We hope that all of our tips help! Please let us know if you have any other travel tips… we travel often and could always use your help : )

Woman sitting on a swing in the sun

It’s all about quality of Life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family

– Philip Green