ravel is now more common and important than ever. We travel for business and vacations more often than ever before. In the past travel was a big deal and people would spend months preparing.

Now jet-setting is no big deal. There are now many ways to see the world. This fact brings up the question of whether or not you should buy cheap vs expensive luggage? If travel is so much easier should you always go for cheap luggage?

I would say heck no, as with most things there’s a time and a place for cheap luggage.

Just like there’s a time and a place to invest in expensive luggage.

When do you invest in Cheap vs Expensive Luggage?

Some travelers get by with cheap luggage year round and don’t mind taking the risk that their bag will break on the go. All the while, other frequent flyers see their luggage as an investment.

The question really is; when should you go for cheap vs expensive luggage?  

Just to be clear, when we say ” cheap ” we mean the ”  this is the bare minimum bag. And, when we say ” expensive,”  we mean the highest quality luggage you can afford to buy.

When is premium luggage worth the money for you?

Based on our research and experiences, we’ve found that there’s a tipping point.

This tipping point all depends on what type of traveler you are. At a certain point, the costs of buying cheap luggage outweigh the benefits.

Cheap vs Expensive Luggage 

The Questions to ask: 

How often do you travel?
How do you travel?
Do you when you travel?
How far are you traveling?
Why do you travel?
What are you looking for from your luggage
How rough are you with your luggage?
How much are you willing to spend?

Why you travel matters when choosing between cheap vs. expansive luggage


hy do you


If you are a business traveler, the appearance matters.

Looking put together can give you an extra boost in business.

My business mentor, invested in luggage for this very reason. She isn’t the least bit materialistic,  simply practical.

cheap vs expensive luggage business travel

High-end luggage travels better; keeping both you looking fresh after travel.

Premium luggage is easier to carry more durable and elegant.

For business travelers investing in premium, luggage is a good idea.

how much you travel changes whether you should aim for cheap vs expensive luggage


ow often do

you travel?

If you travel often, small defects in your luggage can grow into big problems.

Discount suitcases rarely make it through frequent travel.

The more you travel the more likely a cheap bag will break. For the frequent travler, we recommend premium luggage. 

For occasional travelers who want cheap luggage, look for a hard-side case with strurdy handles. ( these tend to be the most durable cheap luggage )

Cheap vs. Expensive luggage


o you

feel good? 


How do you feel when you travel with you current luggage. If you have any pain then it may be time to up grade.

Premium luggage tends to be easier to navgate and strain your body less.

You should look for bags with at least 4 360-degree rotating wheels. We also recommend going for light weight luggage.



For anyone with travel aches lightweight premium luggage is the way to go.

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When the well being of your body is conscerned, it’s not the time or place to buy cheap luggage. A premium brand will give you more durable and lightweight bag than any cheap brand ever will.


Cheap vs expensive luggage


ow far do

you travel?

According to an interview with the TSA, these types of bags break the most:

  • Bags made of thin or flimsy material
  • Luggage with sewn on handles
  • Soft-sided suitcases
  • Over packed bags

Checked luggage takes a beating. So if you need to bring heavy items or travel abroad, look for suitcases with:


Buying wheeled luggage is important for international travel. Wheeled luggage is easier for the TSA employees handle making it less likely to break! 

Not to mention, these wheels will save your back while lugging your items around!


What you actually need is an important question to ask your self when picking cheap vs expensive luggage.


hat do

you need?

For those who want a simple bag and don’t travel often, save your cash.

But, if you travel with expensive items or go to upscale events cheap luggage won’t cut it.

High-end suitcases, protect your valuables better. Currently, luxury brands often offer luggage tracking devices, TSA locks, and protective sleeves giving you more bang for your buck.

The question of cheap vs expensive luggage also comes down to how much you are willing to spend.



ow much?

 Ultimately whether or not cheap vs expensive luggage is worth it, comes down to you.

How much are you willing to spend?

Cheap luggage is a good choice if that’s all you can go for.  You just need to be aware what the risks of traveling with a cheap bag are.


Premium luggage is a the way to go if you can afford it. You don’t have to break the bank either.

We’ve found some pretty awesome travel accessories within the 200-300$ range. These bags have some the highest customer reviews and can give you piece of mind.

We are advocates of buying the best that you can afford when it matters.

Cheap vs expensive luggage bottom line



he bottom line on the debate over cheap vs expensive luggage comes down to the way you travel and what you value.

Premium luggage, is best for frequent, long-distance, and business travelers. Or, for those who need well-constructeded luggage for other reasons.

Cheap bags are better for occasional, short distance travelers. Or for those who would rather not invest in their luggage.

If you want a premium bag, but don’t have the means right now, hang on! We will let you about any end of season sales. You can often find high-end bags at 30% off or more during a clearance sale.

In the meantime, if you are on the market now, take a look here…


cheap vs expensive luggage

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

– Warren Buffett

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