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 ny idea who makes the world’s lightest luggage? Well we are happy to make the introduction, meet IT luggage! IT is known for its playful patterns and budget price point.

We don’t tend to talk about ‘budget’ luggage since they tend to come with some serious design flaws.

It Luggage Company History :

This fun loving English brand is making quite an impact given its youth. Found in 2011 IT luggage now offers its products in more than 46 countries! And IT also produces more than 7 million suitcases. 

But we are making an exception to this rule with IT luggage. In general IT luggage has great customer reviews and it certainly stands out on the carousel!

What does “it” Luggage Stand For?

                              …. International Traveler  

But don’t worry, you won’t see a flock of travelers with the same bag. Each year this brand develops more than 100 new styles and patterns for buyers. So even if you buy this popular brand of luggage chances are good you won’t end up grabbing the wrong bag at the carousel.

IT luggage

How is IT Luggage Made?: 

IT luggage is known for being unique. The company’s process begins with finding inspiration. From here the brand creates new color pallets, prints, and unique details. What’s really cool about IT is that the business isn’t just known for wild colors. IT luggage is known for their forward thinking and patented innovation.

How is the IT Luggage Quality?: 

With the huge number of suitcases IT makes, you might be worried about its quality. Heck, we wouldn’t blame you for questioning IT luggage’s quality.

However, you can rest easy. IT received it ISO 9001 accreditation. This means that IT has the gold standard in manufacturing! To get this credit, a company has to jump through many hoops and have top notch quality control.

IT luggage is designed and built to last. It’s one thing to take care of your luggage yourself. But once you check your bags in, it’s out of your hands. So when you buy luggage factoring in durability is super important.

Making sure your luggage is durable is a top priority. And this is an unfortunate reality of travel today. There’s not much you can do about it – with one exception, paying attention when you buy and going for a strong brand.

Seriously Good….

                              …. It Luggage has below a 1% Return rate!  

IT Luggage Key Features:

Even with IT’s large number of products this brand still has some key features.

Take a look at the tabbed content below for IT luggage key features. Since we are discussing these features now you won’t find them bogging things down later in this article!


IT offers luggage with reinforcements in common problem areas. Of course, there’s no way to control how others handle your bags. But IT Luggage is a great start. Starting your journey with quality puts you in the best possible position.

The IT Luggage Secure-it Zip tech gives you extra protection. The IT Luggage zippers use a powerful design that makes theft much harder. Two layers of zipper teeth prevent keep theives away from your items.

All of IT’s Mid-range and larger bags have wheels .. and lots of them. IT offers wheels from 2 to 8 – depending on the line and bag! While other companies add cheap wheels, IT makes them a priority.

IT Luggage comes with built-in expanders to increase storage capacity anywhere from 25% to 50%. This makes a significant difference in the clothes you can take and what has to stay behind.

Probably the most iconic IT luggage feature is its whimsy. Across all IT luggage lines you will find bright colors and unique patterns.

IT Luggage Product collections and Categories

Best Selling Products and Collections:
  • Calico Lite 
  • World’s Lightest
  • World’s lightest 2 
  • Cased One 22, 26, 30″ 
  • Distinction 22″
  • Pulsar 3 Peice set
  • Megalite X-Weave
  • Duralition
  • Megalite X-weave
Main Product Categories:
  • Hardshell Luggage
  • Frameless Duffles
  • Lightweight bags
  • Soft Side luggage
  • Premium luggage
  • Essential, Fashion, and Casual bags

The most popular IT luggage collections making the biggest splash are the: Duralition, Distinction, and Megalite!

Since IT has such a huge number of products we will focus on IT’s most popular items. We’ve chosen to review IT luggage this way since these are the products you are most likely to see. And these luggage collections have the best track record! 

IT Duralition 

IT’s duralition is one of it luggage’s most popular and unique collection. The Duraliton line represents a new generation of stylish suitcases. This unique luggage features artwork on the outside. It’s a hard shell suitcase that’s both durable and extremely lightweight.

“Duraliton” is a new hard shell material. This material is flexible, durable, and scratch-resistant. Oh did we mention is incredibly lightweight too. Add all of these features to the duralition’s unique embossed designs and its easy to see why its a best seller.

Product Line Features  
  • Polycarbonate
  • Duralition dual layer material
  • Ebossed design
  • Spinners

This luggage gets its strength from its dual-layer construction. The dual layer shell is also reinforced by It’s funky molded designs like skulls and tigers! The Duralition is also coated with scratch resistant high-gloss.

The Duraliton Skulls and Roses set is a popular and unique design.

It looks fantastic and stands out so much that it would be easy to spot on any luggage carousel.

That’s half the battle in traveling – particularly on those journeys. You’re tired when you arrive. But then you have to study the carousel hoping not to miss your bags when they come around. The Skulls and Roses set would be super-easy to spot. So you can respond to your text messages instead of being glued to the luggage making the rounds.

As functional as it is fun, the Skulls and Roses set is well-built and sturdy. With plenty of pockets inside, it’s easy to take plenty of clothing and organize it too. Turning and rolling is a breeze. When you do have to lift, it’s mostly the weight of your bags contents that you’re lifting as these suitcases are quite light.

These hard shell bags are best cleaned with a soft, damp cloth or sponge and wipe with soap and water. For stubborn stains, try an all-purpose household cleaner. Spray-on types work best. Avoid using anything with bleach in it. Coarse sponges and abrasive cleaners need to be avoided as they will damage the finish.

The Duraliton Zeus line is pretty much the same – with the obvious exception in the exterior look and design. Zeus looks refined, elegant and expensive. But thankfully, it’s reasonably priced.

The mounted wheels operate smoothly allowing for quick turns without coming to a stop. This is especially helpful when you’re rushing to catch a connecting flight. 


You’ve got to get to the other gate in a hurry, so having wheels that dance across the floor certainly helps. The Duraliton line doesn’t offer locks. But a luggage lock could be added, should you choose to do so. Like all IT products, the Duraliton line comes with a 10-year warranty.

THE BOTTOM LINE: What Duralition Buyers are saying:



  • Unique
  • Durable
  • Practical
  • Roomy
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to clean
  • 10 Year Warranty




  • Occasional zipper defects with over stuffing

The Who are the Duralition Cases for?

This line is perfect for the stylish traveler who wants lightweight luggage that makes a statement.

IT World’s Lightest 


Given that this luggage is the world’s lightest we couldn’t skip talking about this collection. When we tested this luggage out, we could hardly believe how light it is.

To give you an idea of how light this luggage is:

the average lightweight case weighs about 7 lbs. IT’s world’s lightest carry on weights only 3.4 lbs!

And, the best part is that this luggage collection is under 100$! Wow, It’s world lightest luggage is a serious steal. These cases come with two or four wheels and in a variety of colors and sizes.


Product Line Features  
  • The wold’s lightest luggage 
  • Polyester lining
  • 2 wheel spinners
  • 4 wheel spinners

Besides the fact that IT’s world’s lightest is cool it’s also easy to travel with. Because this bag is so light, it’s a cinch to put into the overhead bin and wheel around.

The only real trade off with this collection is the typical weight-protection trade-off. As with most lightweight luggage, you can expect your bag to be less protective than others.

To cut weight, most companies go for thin fabric and a light frame. This design means that we do not recommend checking in these bags.

If you do want to check your World Lightest, we suggest putting fragile items in your carry on.

IT Luggage

THE BOTTOM LINE: What World’s Lightest Buyers are saying:


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Easy to navigate
  • Spacious


  • Less durble than other collections

The Who is the World’s Lightest Collection for?

Travelers who want the world’s lightest travel gear! 

IT Megalite


The Megalite Line is another new premium line from IT Luggage. It’s described as a “premium conventional trolley case” that’s ultra light in weight and spins easily. This line is available in both 2 and 3-piece sets.

IT adds a touch of luxury to the Megalite’s functionality with its high-caliber fabric.
Megalite’s fabric has a lovely shine and comes in multiple colors.

Each bag also comes with a fully-lined interior (with expander pouches) and two large external pockets. Additionally, there are easy grab handles and locks on the outside.

Product Line Features  
  • Lighter construction and plastic
  • Double wall: water and dust proof
  • Lower price point
  • Geared toward smaller bikes
  • B3NA 34LTR and Tech case
  • B360NTA 36 L Top case
  • 37L Top case and Tech top case
  • 30L, 30 LTF top case
  • 34, 39, 45, 47 Top case

THE BOTTOM LINE: What Megalite Buyers are saying:

Bikers love that this luggage can pair with Givi luggage top cases. Riders also find that the Monokey side case is easy to install, streamline, and simple to use.


  • Light
  • Extra padding
  • Offers great value
  • Many color options


  • Luggage does not come with a TSA integrated lock

The Who is the Megalite for?

The lightweight traveler who wants a bit of extra protection.

The Bottom Line on IT luggage :

Overall, IT produces quality luggage with some of the most innovative designs on the market. Whether you want to make a statement, or simply travel in style, IT Luggage is a solid option.

There’s no question that IT makes quality bags that hold well under normal use. However, we’ve given IT 3 stars because travel is full of unexpected situations. Common complaints with IT luggage are based on a lot of the “oopse” unexpected situations.

These oopse accidents make IT luggage’s 10-year warranty even more important. Before traveling be sure to familiarize yourself with the IT luggage company warranty! It’s always good to know what damages are covered in a luggage warranty. Over all we like IT luggage and think its definitely worth checking out!

For the best deals on the very latest from IT Luggage, be sure to look here first.

Thanks for reading!

Until the next time… 

IT Luggage

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