Labor Day Staycation Guide

t’s hard to believe that labor day weekend is here. It might seem like everyone is leaving town on Labor Day. But if you’re staying home here are some awesome tips for a Labor Day staycation! Why not make the most of Labor Day at home?

Whether you want to fly solo, play tourist in your home town, or throw a weekend bash we’ve got some tips here for you!

What this mean is that in order to pack enough for my lengthy trips abroad I had to become the most efficient and effective packer ever‚Ķ At the time I was able to fit about a month’s worth of recyclable outfits into my carry on and all of my important travel items in my personal item. But more on that later.

Read Realted Content: How to pack your carry on.

Your Labor Day Staycation

Play tourist is your home town! With work, family, and friends, it can be easy to forget to check out your home town. Personally, I know how time can slip by before actually finding the time to explore. Having a Labor Day staycation is the perfect excuse to see the sights of your hometown.
This labor day staycation, have a spa day! Found up a few of your favorite beauty products and treat your self to a little TLC. If DIY isn’t your style you can treat yourself to one at Home. Companies like Privi and Zeel are happy to help you. These cool new companies will come to you and provide you with a home spa experience! Or there is my good old stand by groupon. (None of these links are affiliate links just really cool services to help you have fun this holiday! ūüėČ
One of my favorite things to do with time off… is to cook! I especially love cooling for others. Check out one of great recipe books below. I’ve heard really great things or tried each of these cookbooks!
Better Homes and Gardens         All Books from Amazon : )
Labor Day Staycation Guide

Soak in some nature and go for a hike! A Labor Day hike doesn’t have to be a big to do. Planning a group hike can be as simple as heading to a local park, wearing good sneakers, and bringing some refreshments!

A simple Labor Day Staycation Hike checklist would be: ( we’ve included some links from amazon here so you can find things easily! )

  1. Sneakers
  2. Water
  3. Snacks
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Bug Spray
  6. A map
  7. Cellphone 
Labor Day Staycation Guide
If you’re ready for a rainy Labor Day, why not catch up on some reading? Or binge watch some of the crave worthy shows you’ve been meaning to catch up on! Curling up and enjoying some entertainment could be just what you need to rest up before the fall. Extra bonus points if you watch or read something that inspires you go get out there!

Under the Tuscan Sun

All entertainment from Amazon

Your Labor Day Staycation, doesn’t have to be a litteral sit and stay vacation! Why not check out a neighboring town or visit a museum? Staycations are ideal for getting out there and doing things that you don’t usually do.
Enjoy the last days of summer with some fun in the sun! A pool party or beach day is perfect for some labor day fun. If you don’t have a pool or a beach near by, don’t forget to get creative! I live in a big city where pools are far and few between. You can easily find a pool at a local hotel, gym, or country club.
Labor Day Staycation Guide
Throw a pool Party! 

Emoji Universe

All entertainment items from Amazon

Play at the beach! 
Take a local tour. You might be surprised what your neighborhood has to offer. Look for activities like a brewery tour, a neighborhood walk, or a food festival!
Shop for some sweet Laybor Day sales! Say hello to some awesome fall savings.
Labor Day Staycation Guide
Labor Day Staycation Guide
Happy Labor Day! We hope that you’ve enjoyed this guide and make the most of your Labor Day Staycation!

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