Large Suitcases

Now it’s time to talk about large suitcases. Some websites love to make a big deal about carry-on luggage. Bloggers also love to talk about how they can travel with next to nothing. (Us Included!) There are lots of perks to traveling with a carry on only.

…. But, there are times when it just makes a whole lot more sense to pack a nice, large suitcase.

It might seem broad to think about why you travel the most. However, why you fly influences what your perfect carry on looks like.


When should you bring a large suitcase?

We’re so glad you asked! There are several situations where a large suitcase makes more sense than anything else. These cases are: 

1. Extended travel 

2. When packing for more than one person

3. You have delicate items to bring, and your clothing can give extra padding

4. You’d like the extra room for souvenirs 

5. You’re traveling on a multi stage flight with seamless transfers 

large suitcases


 In each of these situations, the benefits of a large suitcase outweigh its cost. It might be hard to stomach the extra fees associated with a checked bag. But, if you think about the time and money you’ll save by checking your luggage doing so is a no brainer! 

Buying a large suitcase is an investment. So… 




What do you look for in a large suitcase

Checked baggage often takes more of a beating than all of your other bags combined. So durability, size, and ease of navigation are top priorities when buying a large suitcase.

Oh, and let’s not forget a top notch warranty. 

All of this might seem like a lot to think about, but we’ve taken a lot of the hard work out of buying large suitcases. Taking a look at our checked luggage reviews will help guide you through how we think about luggage and to our top pics!

Our checked luggage reviews, cover the latest, best, and most popular large suitcases while giving you the inside scoop!

As always, if you can’t find that the checked luggage want here, sends us a message, and we will research for you! Happy hunting!


Large Suitcase Reviews

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How big are large Suitcases? 

Although carry-on sizes vary depending on airlines, the general rule is that any bag bigger than a carry-on must be checked. Over all, the most common carry-on size is between 24 to 30 inches tall. Some airlines will let you carry on a suitcase as large as 36 inches, but you should always double check. So, in general, you may be asked to check any bag larger than 30 inches tall. 

The general rule of thumb for checked luggage is that it’s a checked bag can be no larger than 62 inches total (height + width + depth) 


large suitcase size

Please keep in mind that if you’re flying on a smaller airline, the general rules for checked and carry-on luggage sizes may not apply. In these cases check the baggage restrictions for each flight in your trip. 

Also its good to know that some airlines will charge you depending on how much your checked bag weighs. Some airlines even have cumulative weight restrictions that apply to both your carry on and your large suitcase. So be sure to check whether or not your airline has any luggage weight restrictions.



Where to buy large Suitcases

If you have easy access to a car, buying a large suitcase at a store isn’t a bad option. Some department stores carry premium brands and offer great warranties. However, it’s always a good idea to research what you want to buy before going to the store. Personally we opt to buy luggage online. Buying luggage online is the easiest option. 


 How large luggage do I need? 

The best large suitcase size for you depends on: 

How you are traveling

Where you’re traveling to

What you’re traveling with

If you’re traveling for under week chances are a carry on will suffice. However, there exceptions to every rule. If you’re traveling for business purposes or to a special event we recommend a large suitcase. A checked bag can help you store special outfits without wrinkling or accidental damage.


large suitcases

For extended travel, we also recommend a large suitcase. The longer the trip the more you will need and the more opportunities to buy some souvenirs! 

That said if you want to try ultralight travel you can always purchase an extra bag on the fly! Just keep in mind that prices at most tourist destinations are more than back home. 

How to store a large Suitcase? 

Large suitcases aren’t the easiest things to store. But, if you get creative you can certainly find a way! 

The easiest ways to keep your large suitcase out of sight and in excellent condition are to:

  1.  Look for a cool, dry area away from sunlight
  2. Find a pest free zone ( if you have a cat watch out, they might be tempted to do their nails on a soft sided bag too! )


These two conditions are simple enough, but tend to rule out most attics and basements. If you really don’t have any other option outside of these two areas we recommend purchasing an inexpensive luggage cover.

Some of the best places we’ve found for large suitcases are: Under a bed and inside a closet. Keeping a large suitcase in one of these two places lets them be used as storage containers!  


How to store large suitcase

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