Top 4 Qualities of Great Luggage Brands

What to look for W  hen it comes to travel accessories, there are so many options! Some brands look great, but aren't. Other brands look iffy, but are awesome. So how do you know what makes up a great luggage brand? That's the question we asked ourselves to come up...

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When the Going gets Tough the Best hard sided luggage Keeps on Rolling!

Best Hardsided Luggage     For those who are concerned about protecting their items while traveling hard sided luggage is the way to go. Back in the day, even the best hard sided luggage had some major drawbacks. Best Hard Sided Luggage When we first started...
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Don’t be Fooled! Check out the real Lightweight luggage of 2017!

Lightweight Luggage. S ince the trend of airlines charging an arm and a leg for checked bags isn't changing anytime soon, you might want to check out some lightweight luggage. Also, I don't know about you, but when my carry-on is too heavy, I end up sore. It's no fun...
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Wheeled Luggage: are spinners for you? We love them and you might too!

C hoosing between different types of luggage can be challenging. Should you go for a duffle bag? Wheeled luggage? A Spinner with two or four wheels? A trunk? Soft or hard sided luggage? The questions can go on and on. Each one of us at the Urban Wayfarer, own a...
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The Foolproof Luggage Size Guide all the Tips you need

C onfused by what you're looking at? Our luggage size guide will demystify the whole Luggage sizing process! Choosing the right luggage size is no joke. Unfortunately, it's not exactly easy to tell what you're looking at in the store or online for that matter. On top...
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The Top Secrets to Picking the Perfect luggage for you

Are you happy with your luggage? Many travelers end up disappointed with their luggage. The perfect luggage seems far away, but it actually isn't!We want to help you avoid picking the wrong luggage! Here are the top for things you should look for to pick a suitcase...
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Great Examples of Top Luggage 101

Thule Crossover 87 Litre from Amazon

  • Rolling duffle
  • Excellent warranty
  • Top rated durability
  • Intuitive organization

Travelpro Platinum magna 21″ Spinner

  • Carry on Spinner 
  • Excellent Premium warranty for Platinum line
  • Top Rated Durability
  • Easy navigation

Eagle Creek EC Adventure 25 on Amazon

  • Soft Sided and lightweight
  • Excellent warranty
  • Top rated durability
  • Roomy Design

your Quick and Dirty Luggage 101 Buying Guide!  


n the surface, there are loads of different types of travelers. To name a few, there are business, luxury, leisure, adventure, and discount travelers. But, when it comes down to it, there are only two types. There are the fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants and the pro cool, calm, and collected traveler.

For the most part, everyone falls somewhere between these two categories.

When I first started traveling, I was the former. This whole travel strategy is far from desirable in my opinion, and you can read more about it here!

( Note: we’re leaving out the hyper type A, nervous, traveler off this list. If you’re one of these types you’ve probably got most of these details covered. But read on, we’ve got resources in the works for you! And we’ll have resources for you down the line!)

How you arrive at your destination is the summary of how you prepped before.

Traveler A tends to arrive desperately needing a drink and a nap. And Traveler B arrives at their destination ready to go! Wouldn’t it be nice to get the most out of your time away from home every time

luggage 101: Research
luggage 101: to make your search easier

If you want to get the most out of your travel, you’re in the right place! The Urban Wayfarer is here to get you from points A through Z  in your journey 😉

Let’s get started with the basics then.

 Assuming that you haven’t skimped out on your airfare (or know how to navigate cheap travel) it’s time to talk luggage.

When was the last time you thought about those bags?

If it’s been a minute since you took a good look at them, you might want to double check. Faulty luggage is a royal pain if it breaks while on the go.

Also, luggage ages like crazy if you leave it in a dusty attic or mildewy basementAlright then, so what should you look for to make sure your luggage is jet-set ready? And, what should you consider when buying new luggage?

If you’re in the market for new luggage what you should look for changes a bit depending on what type of luggage you are looking for. But, the basics are the basics. 

1. Luggage 101: Design and Style 

For starters let’s think about what type of bag you need.

Before you get lost in a sea of options, take a step back. The first step is to ask yourself how and why you travel most.

When thinking about the type of bag you want or need, it comes down to how you are traveling and for what purpose. If you drive most of the time, you have more leeway than with any other type of travel. While if you are traveling in coach, you have the least freedom of choice

When we talk about the type of bag you want we are really thinking about categories like:

  • A tote
  • Duffle bag
  • Rolling duffle
  • Briefcase
  • Mobile office
  • Spinners

 .. and more

If you already have a general idea of the type of luggage you’re looking for but aren’t certain about what type of style you want, look at our brand review guides.

You also might want to think about how light you need your luggage to be. For the real lightweight luggage of 2017 take a look here!

luggage 101: Top luggage brands

2. Luggage 101: Check the Handles 

To tell if your bag’s handle is quality, you should test how the grip feels. A bag’s handle should feel sturdy and be comfortable to hold. If you are purchasing a bag online, spending a bit of time reading reviews is well worth it!

Sigh, unfortunately not all bags are made equal. The following two luggage 101 categories including the handles, truly show the quality of your bag. The difference between cheap, “value” and premium bags is clear when it comes to the details.

3. Luggage 101: Think Size 

If you are going off for a short trip, you might be able to get away with a carry-on only. However, as a word of caution, if you jampack your bag there are some drawbacks. A heavy carry on can seriously hold you back.

For example, we don’t tend to recommend carry-on only business travel but there are some times when it can work! Take a look at the best carry ons for business travel here. For more details take a look at the luggage size guide to figure out what luggage size you should go for and when to use it! 

For more details on luggage sizes and the types of travel they are ideal for look here! 

4. Luggage 101: Closure 

How a bag closes is a surprisingly clear way to tell the quality of luggage. Although zippers are the most popular bag closure, they aren’t always the best. If you need help picking the right zipper for your luggage LifeHacker has a useful article here. More often than not a cheap bag’s zipper will break before anything else. Can you guess what is the top of the line bag closure?

If you guessed a clamp then bravo! Clamp closures are featured in some of the premium luggage brands we discuss here. Regardless of how many wheels you opt for both of these factors are influenced by the quality of your bag.

luggage 101: makes your luggage shopping experience that much easier! No coffee needed :)

5. Luggage 101: Wheels 

Next up, take a look at your bag’s wheels. The main difference between your wheel options affects your bag’s stability and ease of navigation.

Regardless of how many wheels you opt for both of these factors are influenced by the quality of your bag.

Typically the more wheels your bag has, the easier it is to balance and navigate. However, all of these details are a moot point if you opt for a cheap bag.

6. Luggage 101: Material Matters 

What your bag is made of might seem like an afterthought. But this aspect of your luggage makes a big difference. Unfortunately, understanding what you luggage is made out of can also be confusing. Manufacturers rarely explain what their bags are made of!

To figure out exactly what terms like PVC and Denier Nylon mean; take a look at our soft side luggage materials guides here. We also have a Hardsided luggage materials guide in the works. These guides talk about what each of the most common luggage materials mean their pros and cons, and best uses! 

7. Luggage 101: Warranty 

It might be confusing to understand what a luggage warranty covers. But, don’t let confusing jargon deter you!

If you want to invest in a quality bag knowing the details of your warranty is key. Top luggage brands tend to offer complete warranties that make them stand out. This means that if your bag comes with comprehensive warranty, you should take advantage of the perks!

If you fall for a bag from another brand, you should still take a look at its warranty. 

Quick tip: if you are confused by what is and isn’t covered by a brand’s warranty. You can either ask us or call customer service! (you’ll be happy you did down the line)

8. Luggage 101: Features & Safety

This last luggage 101 category is totally up to you, but well worth considering. These days you can find luggage with more bells and whistles than will know what to do with. Okay so maybe that’s an exaggeration. But you get the idea!

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