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Top Luggage Brands By Style: Find your Perfect fit!

The Top Luggage Brands By Style Picture this. You're all ready to go on your next big adventure.  You've got all of your essentials ready to go. And now you just toss everything into the nearest bag, right?  uh oh. Hold up. How long did it take you to plan your trip...

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Top 4 Qualities of Great Luggage Brands

What to look for W  hen it comes to travel accessories, there are so many options! Some brands look great, but aren't. Other brands look iffy, but are awesome. So how do you know what makes up a great luggage brand? That's the question we asked ourselves to come up...

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Get a head of the Curve with the Top 2017 Travel Trends!

2017 is a big year for travel. A lot of the emerging trends we’ve seen over the past new years are now in full bloom. You may be surprised how many trends you are on top of already! Travel trends aren’t as cliche as being on trend with fashion. These trends have a lot of perks and benefits that are worth checking out!

Beleisure Travel

Okay for #1 This one is my fav because I’ve been using my business trips as mini leisure trips for years! Work and play definitely can go hand in hand with this trend. So I hope that you will welcome “Beleisure” travel into your life too.

These days companies are adding trip incentives to employee packages. And employees tack on vacation days to their business trips to get more bang for their buck. I’m so glad this is a thing because it makes seeing the world easier than ever!

Living like a Local

It’s hard to have missed the couch surfing or Airbnb trend, but if you did say hello to traveling like a local. Couch surfing might not be the most fancy, and it takes some extra prep, but it has its advantages. I have a friend who traveled all over Europe crashing at CouchSurfing host’s homes. This sub-trend lets you travel on a dime, meet new people, and see the world like a local. 

Airbnb is also a great option for this type of travel. Personally, I love Airbnb and have been using it for years. This company lets you rent extravagant homes, tree houses or even shared rooms! Personally, I’d recommend going to Airbnb with a strategy if you are looking to travel for less. Some hosts don’t tell you everything that you should know, but the reviews will! 

DIY: Wearing the Travel Agent Hat:

All the new tech out there and info online have made travelers their own travel agents. Can you blame us? Its not so bad and actually a lot of fun. Planning a trip also gives you a bit of a happy buzz as you envision your plans. Most look to online travel resources to plan and book their trips. 

Eco Conscious Travel

Some choose to travel to areas with countries where the dollar is strong. But many others choose to travel close to home or plan a stay cation.  This trend is mostly driven by the 20-40 year olds. People in this age range tend to value experiences over things. So most young people choose to have mini adventures in their area or home country. 

Solo Travel

This type of travel is becoming more and more common among women. With the upsurge of women’s retreats, travel companies, and guides more women are flying solo.  With all of these options women feel more comfortable exploring the world alone. This trend is ideal for the independent or sole searching lady!

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