ho doesn’t want to enjoy V-day? Some have mixed emotions about Valentine’s day and feel like its ” hallmark” holiday. Though, I’m firmly in the camp of celebrating love for love’s sake!

Heck, any excuse to travel and enjoy life!

I believe that whether you are single, dating, or married, you can enjoy a Valentine’s Day Getaway! 

This V-day, check out our guide to Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Getaway and celebrate your way!

sweet surprises for your valentines day getaway

Choose that Special Place


irst off, start planning your Valentine’s day Getaway by picking a special spot. When picking a destination, look for a place that fits what you love most. 

Picking a meaningful place will only help you enjoy this V-day more! Consider what you would like to get out of your trip. 

Do you want romance, relaxation, adventure or something else? Consider what you and your partner would enjoy the most and work from there!

Perfect Valentine’s Day Getaway and celebrate your way!

Romantic or not, look for a special place for your valentines day getaway



-day is a short holiday. So, unless you snag a few vacation days a quick Valentine’s Day Getaway is best. The good news is you don’t have to go far to make your day special. 

I’ve had great trips where I leave right afterwork for a weekend trip. I find that a successful V-day comes down to picking a place that is different, but not too far. 

Some great short Trip destinations 


  • Mountain ski resort
  • A Day Spa
  • Florida, Californa, Louisiana
  • Mexico
  • Tuks and Caicos
  • St Barts
  • And… Puerto Rico

If you want to travel a bit further, but only have a short break: check out Anatara’s deals here. Anatara hotels, resorts, and spas have special short-trip packages. You can also find great international skiing deals here with Alpin Resorts !

Take a look at our guide to beating travel fatigue.

I use these tips to make weekend trips work with my schedule! 

Kick travel fatigue to the curb with this guide!

Privacy and Services


n V-day both privacy and service are important. It’s no fun going on a romantic trip only to have onlookers peeking in! It’s also super annoying to spend lots of time setting things up. 

So, I like to look for a place that gives me privacy and killer service! This way, your Valentine’s day Getaway is all about you and your love!   

Pricacy and service is key for a valentines day getaway

Do Something New: Romantic Activities


Once you’ve decided on your perfect location, it’s time to plan your itinerary! Keep this special day fresh by doing something new.

Learning new things and enjoying experiences with our partners releases dopamine and makes the connection feel fresh.

Look for novel experiences that you and your partner or friends can share this V-day.

You can often find fantastic Valentine’s day deals and packages. I like to go for a preplaned trip so I don’t have to spend hours coordinating. Many specialty locations and hotspots offer Valentine’s day specials.

Though, if you do want to plan your special day on your own check out these ideas:

Valentine’s Day Getaway Activity


Plan Something a little Sexy


n your Valentine’s Day Getaway a little sex appeal goes along way. Even if you’re out with friends it can be super fun to do something sexy! Adding a bit of appeal can make your v-day extra fun and exciting. 

‘Sexy’ doesn’t have to mean ultra risque unless you’re in to that. Consider taking a dance class, visiting a hotel with a v-day suite or a burlesque club. Valentine’s day can be a time to connect with your partner and explore your passion.

Some sex appeal goes along way on a valentines day getaway

Watch the Weather


or the most part, we can’t control the weather. So it’s a good idea to have an all-weather-V-day plan. The forcast advisor is a great resource to help you plan your trip. 

Whether you are traveling a bit for your Valentine’s Day Getaway or staying nearby, you should look for activities that you can do both indoors and outdoors rain or shine.

True romance blossoms in all weather conditions, though it’s always nice when things go according to plan.

Sync your Schedules


 ommunication is essential. It’s important to consider everyone’s schedule so you can enjoy a stress-free day. If you want your plans to be a secret, just tell everyone you have a surprise planned! 

Be sure to drop a few hints.

A Valentine’s Day Getaway is more fun when everyone has their essentials! 

Even subtle hints can help avoid scheduling conflicts and mismatched expectations.

make sure everyone is on the same page for your valentines day getaway

Plan a Sweet Surprise


A sweet surprise can go a long way to show your partner you care. Ideas to show your love and appreciation can be: 

Picking out some flowers,  scheduling a massage, or a candle lit dinner!

If you and your lover are both travelers, travel goodies make great gifts. For some inspiration, you can check out our Valentines Day Travel Gift Guide for Him and Her if you want to give your partner a little something.

Pack the Essentials


Now that you have your vacation and actives all set, it’s time to start thinking about packing.

We recommend bringing a some V-day essentials like:

First take your location and length of your stay into account. From here pack a few extra items to set the mood.

The Travel Accessories

Since Valentines Day tends to be a short holiday, a duffle bag or a carry-on spinner will be your ideal travel companion.

essential valentines day getaway travel accessories

Happy Valentine’s Day and Thanks for Reading! We hope you have a wonderful V- Day.

If you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love.

– Maya Angelou

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