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At the Urban Wayfarer, we’re passionate about travel and figuring out ways to make your travel life easier. Being in the know is key for easy travel. So the Urban Wayfarer team is here to guide you through the whole travel process.

We spend countless hours researching, testing products, and talking to travelers to give you the inside scoop.

Our goal is to help you travel more with ease, and this all starts with clear and accurate info!

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Making the right arrangements for your trip can mean the difference between a hectic or a fantastic adventure.

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As a team we travel frequently and are passionate about helping others to see the world. We’ve been to almost all seven continents… and tested hundreds of products!

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What we do to keep you in the loop:
The Urban Wayfarer editors individual research every item we write about. We take a good look at expert reviews but weigh the real life experiences of users more heavily. Even if we have experience with a speific product or service, we still follow this process? Why? Because we want to give you the most honest and clear scoop!

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Similar to other blogs and review sites, the Urban wayfarer is brought to you by a combination of sources. Our main source of support is from fellow travelers and readers. We receive a small commission on the products readers choose to purchase based on our research. ( At no additional cost to you, ever! ) So, if you find something that works for you that we’ve talked about, you can support us by purchasing through our links. We really appreciate your support because it helps us to keep the Urban Wayfarer free of charge and unbiased! Our reviews and articles are independent, and this means that our work isn’t sponsored by a hidden source. When travelers buy one of our independently chosen products or services, we earn an affiliate commission.


Travel reviews

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