How Travel Makes You Smarter & a Boss at Work!


here are a handful of different types of career people, those who work their butts off for every last dollar and those who work the system. What do I mean? Well I mean to say, that some are like my dad, who work insane hours and feel like career success takes a heck of a lot of work.

And then, there are people like two of my business mentors. My coaches know how to hack the money making system. Their secret? .. Yeah, you probably guessed it. Travel.

Why travel? How can travel make you a boss at business?

Why .. I’m glad you asked. When I heard my first mentor credit his continued entrepreneurial success to his travel schedule, I was shocked.

How could a man running several businesses, making seven figures take such frequent vacations? …. and not touch his work while away while maintaining his seven figure income?

WTF?! Since when do long hours not = more income.  

Alright, So right about now this sounds like I’m going to tell you how to make some business system that will free you from the workplace. Right?

Okay, no, sorry I’m not going to do that quite yet. I’m not going to do that now because to free yourself from the workplace means that you’re already there. Right?


Whether you want to escape the cubicle, be better at your passion, or just be a boss at work, travel is one heck of a way to do it! 


The mind blowing about travel is that it can boost your personal and professional life.  Putting our brain and business on holiday makes you smarter!


And… there’s research to back it up. Oh yes, I’m not trying to sell you on a half-baked idea I’ve heard from one Kooky entrepreneur!


If you’re looking to escape the office, you might also want to save this article for future reference. I may be young, but I have used the research from this article to negotiate remote work agreements already!


If you’re looking to escape the office, you might also want to save this article for future reference. I may be young, but I have used the research from this article to negotiate remote work agreements already!

Thank you, Ken and Ariana for setting the example!


How Travel Makes you Smarter

Travel makes you smarter bny making you more creative


t’s known that some epically smart people have traveled the world while working.

                            Mark Twain and Mr. Hemming way,  anyone?

Finally, research is catching up to what some of the best and brightest have known for years.

One of the best ways to make yourself smarter is with cultural immersion; aka living like a local abroad.

Duh living abroad means you learn new things. But does that make you smarter?

Yes, research shows travel makes you smarter by making you more creative. Steeping yourself in another culture teaches your brain to think differently and bounce between ideas.

The fancy term for this is ” cognitive flexibility .” Or the extra-fancy term is that travel increases your ” neural plasticity .”  ( basically the same thing… )

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Travel Makes You A Better Problem Solver

Travel makes you smarter and a better problem solver


he workplace is chock full of problems that need answers. So, fortunately, travel makes you a better problem solver.

                            The more flexible your brain is, the easier it is to connect the dots.

The fact that travel makes you smarter with creative thought extends to more than just creative intelligence.

The more flexible your brain is, the easier it is to connect the dots.

On a basic level, if you look at language many have words with multiple meanings.  By exposing yourself to new cultures, you open your mind to seeing new meanings and connections.

Kinda like how the word ” Crane ” can refer to someone sticking out their neck, a bird or a piece of equipment.

Travel helps you see multiple meanings and connections between facts.

Say hello to a whole new world of possibility!

 I’ll take those stats!

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Travel Makes You Smarter by Opening your Mind


eople who see the world tend to have more trust. And, faith in others is a surprisingly valuable business skill.                         Distrust blocks your brain. When you mistrust, someone you lean toward

” Black and White Thinking.” 

Mistrust and rigid thought keep you in a limited mindset that blocks opportunity.  Have a little faith in others and opportunities will come knocking.

From a logical perspective, travel makes you smarter by honing your gut instinct. I like to call this “borrowed intelligence.”

Some of the greatest minds of the industrial revolution in the US used this type of smarts to build their empires.

To me borrowed brains comes down to:

  1. Knowing who is full of hot air vs. who knows their stuff.
  2. Seeing who is giving you this info for an iffy reason or out of good will

While on the road you will learn to assess who to trust.

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Travel Opens Your Heart

Travel makes you smarter by opening your heart


he Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that kids who study abroad are more humble than those who have not.

Humility goes hand in hand with having an open mind. 

This quality gets rid of blocks that keep you from accepting new info.

Think about it this way if you have a bit of an ego sometimes it’s harder to listen to someone you feel superior to.

For example, the number of times my parents refuse to take my advice just because I am their kid is astounding.

It’s the same deal in business. It can be difficult for upper management to listen to new employees.


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Travel Boosts your Career, By helping you to Shake off Fear !

Travel makes you smarter by helping you to shake off fear


eople who see more of the world tend to be more open to trying new things in their everyday lives. This fact, seems to go along with having faith in  others.

Travel expands your comfort zone. More often than not we are afraid of the unknown. 

Travel makes you braver. With travel, you jumped over the small hurdles of being afraid of little things, and you can graduate on to conquering fears of larger things.

Just like with business creative fields start off small and then once you overcome that fear you can move onto the next one.


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Travel makes you smarter igniting your brain

Nature has a powerful affect on your brain


ur minds tend to go on auto-pilot when we do the same things over and over again.

Our minds tend to go on auto-pilot when we do the same things over and over again.

Auto-pilot-mind means that we can go numb to what’s right in front of us. But, as you explore foreign territory new stimuli bombards your brain.

All of this new environmental feedback stimulates all parts of your brain. 

All of this brain activity switches the gears your brain from neutral to drive.  Talk about jump-starting your noggin.

Also while on a trip, people tend to spend more time in nature. Whats awesome about this is that there is a lot of research on the benefits the outdoors. When it comes to working, fresh air keeps your mind sharper and boosts performance.

nature's brain boosting effects improves how much travel makes you smarter

Can you imagine the insane benefit that travel has on your brain if looking at nature for 40 secs has this effect?!


The bottom line on how Travel Makes you Smarter:


f you’re still not convinced that travel makes you smarter and a boss at business, check it out! The U.S. Travel Association found that people who use their vacation days are 6.5% more likely to get promoted.

How about them apples?

Liberate yourself from the workplace and feel good about taking a break. Travel is one of the best investments you can make in your personal and work life.

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All Journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware

– Martin Buber

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