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Couldn’t we all use a little guidance? Travel is simple on the surface. All you do is figure out how you want to travel and where you’re going? Right? Not exactly, travel can be simple if you know how to get all of the details down. With travel plans if you cut corners without really knowing what you’re cutting then you could end up with a real headache.

The new trend of travelers being their own agents has made booking travel arrangements a bit more complicated. In this day you need to have at least a basic knowledge of how the travel industry works if you hope to have your trip go off without a hitch!

The good thing is we’ve got tons of tips and guides here for you. As a group of travel editors who have traveled across the globe, we are happy to share our tips and tricks with you!

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We are a team of four friends who’ve traveled the world and want to share our tips and experiences with readers. Traveling can seem like a big deal until you crack the code, so we are excited to share and grow!

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