hoosing between different types of luggage can be challenging. Should you go for a duffle bag? Wheeled luggage? A Spinner with two or four wheels? A trunk? Soft or hard sided luggage? The questions can go on and on. Each one of us at the Urban Wayfarer, own a spinner. And me personally, I’ve traveled with spinner luggage my entire life.

Since I was little, I’ve always traveled with wheeled luggage. These bags are the easiest to travel with, especially if you are traveling abroad or with heavy items.  Wheeled luggage might not be your first choice, but, you might want to consider one.

We are firm believers that these cases are some of the best accessories on the market. Since wheeled luggage might not be top of mind, we would like to present our case for spinner luggage.

“Spinners” sounds like a fancy term, but its just a specific way to refer to 4-wheeled suitcases.

We love wheeled luggage and here’s why!

lightweight wheeled luggage makes all the difference. Like this modern light illuminating the room.

Spinner Luggage Will Save your Back

These cases allow you to keep your luggage items off of your back and carry a heavy load with ease. For those with back or rotator cuff issues look to spinners to support you. With their four rather than two wheels, spinners are the easiest to travel with.

Ease of Navigation 

Porsche car interior. Wheeled luggage mades traveling easier even if it's just a road trip!

Most trips include two or more types of travel. Wheeled luggage allows you to carry, push, or wheel your items without too much effort.

In crowded streets, spinners navigate well over bumps and around people.

When you invest in a solid case, you will find that your case will stay balanced and keep you stress-free.

The higher the quality your luggage is, the easier it tends to be to navigate. High-end brands invest in engineering and wheel quality is a top priority.

If you have ever tried to manage international travel with duffle, you will know what a blessing well balanced and easy to navigate luggage is!

Having four rather than just two wheels stabilizes your suitcase by distributing weight evenly.

Convenient    Storage

Convenient storage is amajor perk of wheeled luggage

You can bring more: 

Spinners allow you to carry more items, easily. Wheeled luggage means you don’t have to worry about how much you can physically carry.  

Premium brands are also becoming more innovative with their luggage designs.  So now even hardside cases offer easy access to your important travel items.

Many brands like Rimowa offer hybrid luggage where hard cases include soft pockets.

Wheeled luggage also more interior organization than other types of luggage.

Hello, dividers, straps, garment bags, pockets and more!

Looks New for Longer

Wheeled luggage stays looking new for longer

Spinner luggage takes less of a beating:

By comparison with other types of carry-on and checked luggage. Spinner suitcases are some of the most durable. If you are using your wheeled luggage as a carry on you will find that you are less likely to drop and bang your case. This means your case will last longer than a duffle bag or backpack.

Also when it comes to checked luggage, TSA employees are less likely to toss wheeled bags. 

Overall these features mean that your luggage will last longer than if you opted for a carry only bag.

Wheeled luggage can keep you less sweaty and looking good while traveling

The stability wheeled luggage offers lets you can stack extra items on top of your case.

Hello travel efficiency! 

It goes without saying that travel can make you sticky and sweaty. With wheeled luggage you can spend less energy moving your bags. Less energy spent means less sweat stains and exhaustion!

Spinner’s four wheels means that you can buy a case you rarely have to lift. 

The Downside

Okay so, we’re not blind to the drawbacks of Spinners. Our main complaint with wheeled luggage is that not all models are created equal.

Some companies skimp on luggage construction to cut costs.

All of our other gripes with wheeled luggage stem from that main issue. 

woman watching the sunset

Be sure to check to buyer reviews to ensure that the luggage you are considering is accurately measured.

Typically if there is an issue with a bag’s measurement it’s because the wheels or handle isn’t included.

Also you should be aware that some brands measure their cases with volume rather than length.

We do our best to make note of size differences and let you know if we find any.

Wheeled luggage tends to cost a bit more, but its worth it! LV wallet and euros

Once you enter the 200$ range of products, you will find higher quality luggage made by brands with robust warranties.

From here once you reach higher price ranges you can find luggage that won’t just protect your items, but last you for decades and look good. 

Quality wheeled luggage can be considered a business expense!

Parting Thoughts

Let us know what you think of Spinner luggage. We always want to hear what readers think!

Just because we are fond this luggage doesn’t mean that you have to be.

Tumi Tegra Light  Amazon

To avoid picking the wrong bag, here are a few tips to help you find top quality wheeled luggage:

  • Quality Materials
  • A Thoughtful Design
  • A Comprehensive Warranty
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Accurate Size Measurements

Check out our: Top Secrets to Pick the Perfect Luggage article to learn exactly what to look for!

measuring tape on black surface before measuring wheeled luggage

Sometimes it takes some Cash:

While it’s possible to find an outstanding deal, for the most part, you do need to spend a bit.

Burgendy work desk with cranberry juice

We see travel accessories as an investment in our work and personal lives.

Although it isn’t always easy to spend some money on quality luggage, but it’s worth it.

If you are debating how much to spend, check out the Cheap vs Expensive Luggage guide. 


cheap vs expensive luggage guide cover image

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it Complicated “


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  1. Tarah

    4 wheeled luggage is definitely the way to go in my opinion! Makes traveling a bit easier!

  2. Joy Generoso

    I’ve been using spinners in all of my travels and I’m happy with my Delsey Case Spinners. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Blair villanueva

    Thanks for this guide. My choice of luggage of bags depends in my needs and length of stay, and to where will I go. Rimowa is one of the good once and some airline like Cathay Pacific covers the insurance.


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