Why I Ditched Cheap Travel.


 e’ve all been there. There are times where we want or want to do something but don’t want to pay the price.  So what happens? Well, we either try to skimp on cost or wait until we are ready to pull the trigger. duh. Okay, so this was my mentality towards travel for years. And let me tell you, looking back on it, the cheap travel was never worth it.

The Old


Up until a few years ago; I held the thought that when it came to travel the cheaper, the better! I would do just about anything to skimp on travel costs. Now, just to be clear, when I say that I would only go for cheap travel options, I don’t mean the affordable… well, I guess-this-will-do-option.

I mean the super-late-night-red-eye flight with 4-hour layover that leads to a bus and then a train all the while traveling with a shoddy bag.

Okay, so you get the idea. Yeah, I saved a bit here and there, however along the way I created far more headaches than necessary


I figured that it didn’t matter how I traveled. All I cared about was that I got to my destination in one piece. 

I had this idea because I thought that since I was treating myself, I should cut costs wherever possible.  

“When it comes to travel and travel accessories, what you pay for is what you get”

The irony is that I cheated myself out of my travel experience. This article is the story of why I will never go back to cheap travel. And, why I think you should too!

To clarify, I don’t think that you should go on an: “All out spend-your-entire-savings travel binge! 

No, I think that when it comes to how you travel: what you put in is what you get out. Sadly with travel accessories and transportation, what you pay for is what you get.

This change in mentality, lead me to found the Urban Wayfarer.  I felt like I had to share what I’ve learned.

I couldn’t leave others in the dark. Especially I suffered quite a bit from aiming for cheap travel and I know others have too. My team and I also believe that travel is one of the best investments in your can make so we don’t want you to be cheated!

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How it all started…

How it all began.

I had no idea what a difference investing in luggage could make. If only I had known what I do now.


Growing up I traveled a lot. As a dual citizen of France and the United States, I racked up quite a few frequent flier miles at an early age.

On the one hand, I loved my family, but on the other how we traveled was exhausting.I had a serious love-hate with travel at the time.  

My parents did not skimp on travel expenses but had an issue with over packing. When we traveled, we brought our lives with us.  This situation isn’t perfect, to begin with, and then it gets worse. 

All of this travel took place before luggage trackers, seamless flights, and luggage weight restrictions. So to avoid losing our luggage, my parents would encourage us to stuff everything into our carry-ons and personal item.

What that meant is that I had to become the most efficient and effective packer ever!

Anywho, there’ll be more on that later.

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Would I recommend doing this today? No, not really.

This type of travel is stressful and lead me to cut corners with how I traveled. Somehow I got the mentality that it did not matter how I got to my destination, just that I got there.

My family never put much thought into how draining our transit choices would be. And, I was too young to realize how much easier travel could be. I had no idea what a massive difference that investing in quality luggage and transportation could make!

What Cheap Travel

Actually Costs:


Since I never questioned my family’s travel mentality, I picked up some bad habits. I thought it was okay to cut corners on transportation and buy discount luggage.

I didn’t realize what cheap travel really costs.

Like I’ve said, I did save some money. But at the cost of fully enjoying the experiences, I spent even more time and money to have!

When I used to aim for discount and cheap travel I was more stressed than not. Bags broke, luggage was lost, I couldn’t find necessary items, and on and on!

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The hard truth is that I cheated myself out of the experience down the line.


“Cheap Travel Cheats You out of Your Travel Experience”

The terrible irony of this mentality was that it wasn’t as if I could not afford to travel well. 

I simply thought that since I was treating myself to a nice trip, I should try and save where it was easiest. 

When the Truth

Finally Sank in…

For example, on my first trip to California, I decided to get the cheapest flight that I could on the way over and that meant having a seven-hour layover in the Las Vegas airports in the dead of night.

Las Vegas Airport.

Never Again…..

It was just short enough of a layover that I thought booking a hotel did not make sense…

What a disaster. It was probably one of the most uncomfortable night that I have ever spent with blaring rock music and neon flashing lights all around. That’s not to say that the Las Vegas airport doesn’t have something great about it, but I certainly am not a fan.

By the time I arrived in Cali, I was exhausted and had to stay up for a full 14 hours to make it through a day of work. For the rest of the trip, I was playing catch up and struggled to stay fully present.

When I think about it, what I saved on those tickets was not worth the result. 

On another occasion where I bought discount luggage, I ended up taking someone else’s luggage home because it looked exactly like mine.

Trust me no one wants to get a phone call from the TSA saying that they think you’ve taken someone else’s luggage home and to find out that they are right!

If you think that’s bad; by the time I got the TSA phone call, I was over an hour away from the airport!

What I did not realize at the time was that what I was saving on my luggage and airplane ticket was costing me the ability to fully enjoy the experience of traveling!

How I think about travel now.

As I began to travel more and more often, I realized how unsustainable it is to travel with luggage that falls apart easily or on flights that require a seven-hour layover.

So now I’ve made an entirely new choice and no longer skimp on travel when I can afford not to.

                            Travel Well                          Traveling well isn’t about spending a fortune. Its about knowing what you are investing in!

At present, I think about investing in travel and travel accessories like investing in your car and its wheels. The hard truth is that I was actually cheating myself out of the experience down the line.

Can you imagine skimping on the quality of your car’s wheels?! 

I know that I certainly cannot. 

The wheels of your car like your luggage go with you everywhere you go and make sure you get there safely.

I feel so much better now knowing I am prepared for where ever I have to go.

Who doesn’t want to be able to leave at a moment’s notice and be confident that your plans will go off without a hitch? I know that that being able to take off at a moment’s notice is exactly what I want and need because of my busy lifestyle.


he last thing anyone wants is to have luggage that falls apart while en route or isn’t what you thought it was. It can be disastrous to think you have scored a great travel deal only to have something go awry.

Once it fully sunk in why discount travel isn’t worth it, I began to research better travel options and products. This research has made a world of difference for me and I want to share.

My Top Reasons Why Cheap Travel Isn’t Worth It:


Ultimately, It Doesn’t Make Sense Financially

Discount air fare is not all that its cracked up to be. When you are taking time off of work to travel or traveling for work time is money. If you buy a cheap ticket and it means uncomfortable travel conditions you are paying way more than the cost of the ticket. Hear me out.

If you are uncomfortable while traveling you will need a more recovery time. A longer recovery means is that you won’t be able to work as well. And this recovery time can cost you and make working well or enjoying travel difficult.

Sure, you might find an all-star discount every now and then. But the majority of discount tickets are far from desirable. 

Cheap luggage simply does not hold up like premium luggage does. So when you buy cheap luggage, you should plan on buying another soon.  When I used to skimp on luggage I would buy new bags all the time. After a while this habit got expensive. I would have been better off buying a suitcase that would last rather than 5 cheap cases would break.

Also cheap travel items are not equipped with the same features that premium bags. Let me tell you, this makes a difference! Not having the features that you need makes travel more stressful.  I would often have to dig for important travel items or buy another bag while on the go.


It Keeps You from Fully Enjoying Your Trip

If how you travel is stressing you out, its not worth it. Back aches, leg cramps, and a lack of sleep all keep you from enjoying travel. When you invest time and money into a trip it doesn’t make sense to do something that could hinder the experience


Discount Travel and luggage Hard on Your Body. 

Like i’ve mentioned above, skimping on travel is hard on your body.  Cheap airfare often means uncomfortable seats which can lead to body aches a lack of sleep and colds.  ick.  Also its easy to under estimate how taxing poorly designed luggage can be on your body. 


Its Harder to Recover from Cheap Travel

Just a few photos from my travels.
No regrets here. I love my suitcase now, so worth it! And the extra airplane space? Loved it. Spend what you can, but go for the best.

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