hether or not          travel should or    should not be considered an investment is a heavily debated topic. Some say yes, others say no, while others still, fall somewhere in between.

So, we would like to present to you our opinion on why you should think of travel as an investment!


Why you should think of travel as an investment

We believe that holding this mentality will give you license to travel more and ultimately will better your life.

How We see it:

Although travel might not be a traditional investment, it certainly acts like one.

Just like with assets you can buy in financial markets, with travel you can come up with a positive or negative result. The only difference is that you might not see a direct financial reward immediately after you travel.

( Though that does not mean it can’t happen! )

When it comes to travel, like any other saving and investing activity, it takes a bit of discipline.

But the amazing thing about travel is that it benefits more areas than just your financial wealth!

Skip to the bottom of this article to see the areas of your life travel will directly impact.

It can be easy to try and pursue happiness by buying the newest this or that. Though, when it comes down to it, experiences matter more than whatever items you could grab off the shelf.

Think about it this way:

Travel is investing in life experience, experiences that can help you grow and live a happier life.

Think about it this way; the more explore, the more you see. The more you see, the more you grow and the more you learn, the more you will change as a human being.

Ultimately, globe-trotting is one of the fastest ways to grow and learn!

You will increase your problem-solving capabilities, communication skills, learn about yourself and more.

These skills and lessons are also more likely to stick since the entire experience is out of the ordinary.

Still not convinced you should consider traveling as an investment?

Okay.. we get it. Let’s discuss the other side of the argument and see if we can’t convert you!

The Other Side:


Those who are adamantly against considering travel an investment think of the term ” investment ” in a very limited sense.

They often ask something like:

 “How can travel be considered an investment when you’re not necessarily getting money back or buying anything with any future monetary value”?

To this, we would say that just like with any traditional investment who can judge a trip is a good or bad investment before you go?

 All that matters when traveling is your attitude towards travel and the experiences you have. If you go with an open mind and heart, you will gain from any exploration you go on.

What this also means is that if you keep your mind open and look for opportunity, travel could easily turn into a financially rewarding activity.


The other common argument against why you should consider traveling an investment is that only some types of travel are worthy of this title while others are not.

Okay, so fair point, I see why people bring up this argument. However, don’t you think its kinda judgemental?

Even though I am not a huge club goer, you’d be surprised what you can get out of going to night-life events and relaxing on the beach.

Just because you never visit a single monument or museum on your trip does not mean it wasn’t an investment.

This all goes back to attitude and whether or not you are self-destructive on your vacations.

If you go out to night-life events everyday of your trip to network, learn about different types of nightlife, and more, then goal accomplished!

However, if you have an unhealthy relationship with nightlife, then this type of vacation is never a good idea.

The last counter argument to why travel should not be considered an investment is in the scenario where someone blows their budget on extravagant hotels,  five-course meals, etc.

Well, the bottom line from this argument is all hinged on the fact that the individual doesn’t learn from their experiences ….

I would venture to say that even if you completely blow your budget and end up in an uncomfortable situation that trip was still an investment.

Whether or not your vacation was a good or bad investment comes down the choice to learn from the experience and grow.

The bottom line

The Bottom line of our oppinion is that whether or not travel is a good or bad investment all comes down to your attitude on the road.

If you leave home with an open mind and look for opportunities to get the most out of your world exploration, you will gain an experience that pays dividends well into the future.

If you are willing to allow travel to be an investment, it will become one for you.

The Amazing ways an investment in travel will benefit your life…

The bottom line

Your Work Life:

Work well

It can be easy to see travel as only for relaxation, but it can be an investment in your work life.

As you meet people from around the world and see how they move through life, you will learn invaluable skills in communication.

fact, some say that business travel is all about who you meet, not necessarily what you learn…

What this means is that those who travel have an advantage in international business and talking to people of different backgrounds.

Travel can also help you to understand business operations internationally. This planet is full of inspiration, and your work life will benefit from travel.


stash the cash

As you travel, you’ll also see new market opportunities around the world. For example, a popular product in one country might not even be available in another!

Now that is an opening to explore.

Your can even learn a bit about financial amrket movements by simply experiencing a different culture.

You would be surprised how much your financial understanding can improve by immersing yourself in another culture.



health, wealth and happy

When you travel, you get a chance to rest and get away from the stresses of your normal life.

While you take a break from your regular schedule, you get an opportunity to reset and evaluate.

Where your health is conscerned, travel can actually be a good time to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Eating healthy while on the road isn’t always a given. However, being more active and aware of your diet while traveling can come naturally.

There are actually studies that show that travel is good for your health regardless of your own health initiatives!

Your Mental Health: 

say ahhhh…

While you are off on an adventure, you give your mind a break. Take a deep breath and relax.

Vacations are the time to try out a new hobby or break a frustrating habit since you have the time and new experienes to focus on.

For example you can take a moment to revel in gratitude!

Getting into the habit of expressing gratitude for all that you have and comes your way is game changing. With gratitude you can bring new levels of joy and abundance into your life.

Your Mindset:

your mindset matters

Travel can also help you shift your mindset. As you meet new people, you will expose yourself to new ways of thinking.

If you find yourself stuck in certain thought patterns travel can help you break them. Gaining new experiences is an excellent way to learn to live in the moment and shake off old ideas.


Sense of Inspiration:

Wonder at the world

It’s hard not to garner inspiration from travel. Trips give you a whole new buffet of stimulation.

If you find yourself in a rut taking some time away from the humdrum of your life can reinvigorate you! Vacations are the time to try out new things and find inpiration.

Sense of Self:

Get to know your best-friend

No matter your attitude or personality the one real investment you are guaranteed to get by traveling is self-knowledge.

When you are challenged to set outside of your comfort zone, you will learn about yourself in ways you could never have imagined.


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